Dark Tower: Chapter Three

Gosh, I am SO behind. I got to 7k and suddenly got distracted. So now my goal is to write upwards of 10,000 words by… Friday. It’ll be fun.

When Rosalyn left her mother’s chambers, she found herself wandering aimlessly through the castle, so deep in her thoughts that she noticed not who passed her nor where her steps would take her next. Her heart contracted every time she thought of her mother’s announcement. What could she do? She had no power to keep the Queen from marrying unless she herself married first and forbade Lilith to take a husband.

But who could she marry? The foppish Prince of Semlick, who spent more time gazing at his own face in the mirror than he did speaking to her– and what words that did come from his mouth were unadulterated praise for himself? The aggressive King of Elwich, who saw war as the only way to solve any and all problems with other Kingdoms? The disgustingly soft Prince Edward, whose hands were smoother than hers, and who refused to even feed himself for fear of breaking a nail?

Her choices were not good. On all sides, the neighboring Kings and Princes fell far short of the high standards Rosalyn had built from the example of her father. They made good allies in times of need, though their loyalties might shift now that the King was dead, but none of them were high on her list of potential husbands. Then again, would she ever meet a man who could stand up to her father’s example?

Rosalyn rubbed her forehead and sighed. Her mind was buzzing with questions, giving her a splitting headache, and she felt as though she were lost. She wanted someone to tell her where she should start; what she could do to fix the situation, who she could go to that would save her from it. The Queen’s announcement had been far worse that Rosalyn had expected. Forcing Rosalyn into a marriage, she could  have handled. But knowing that her mother’s marriage would most likely become fodder for war?

How was she supposed to bear this? She had only just lost her father, and now she had to worry about keeping war from ravaging the land. And the only way to stop it was to marry before her mother did.

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Dark Tower: Chapter Two

This blog might just be spammed with storytelling for November, let me warn you. Especially with the time change meaning that the light is totally gone by the time Mr. Owl gets off work, so we have very few days to take outfit pictures.

If you haven’t seen the first chapter and don’t know what this is all about, click, and read.

Otherwise, enjoy. 🙂

Chapter Two

Rosalyn woke the next morning with grit in her eyes and a heaviness weighing down her heart. Yet, her mind was clear. She had no doubts that her mother was already planning to marry her to whomever suited the Queen’s wishes; likely a man who was rich and easily swayed by Lilith’s wicked charm and fine way with words. And Rosalyn knew that if she were to marry a man of her mother’s choosing, she would have no sway in any decisions made, and the kingdom would crumble.

Ringing for her maid, Rosalyn rose from her bed and went to sit before her vanity, beginning the task of letting down her long, dark hair. It would do no good to appear before anyone but her most trusted chambermaid and friend in such disrepair; her nose was still red, her eyes were swollen, her locks were tangled in their leftover braids. She looked terrible, and to show this weakness to anyone in the castle before she knew their loyalties would be folly.

As her father had told her many times, a princess commanded attention first by looking like a princess. While her heart was what truly mattered, her father had also stressed that appearances could change minds for better or for worse. Appear disheveled, and the kingdom will assume your rule is in shambles and your mind is not far behind. Present yourself in regal attire, and the kingdom will be assured that all is in order.

It was a practice he had put into use himself many times. Rosalyn could not remember her father ever looking anything less than Kingly, whether he was sitting on his throne or mingling with his peoples, one never mistook him for less than who he was.

For a moment, Rosalyn closed her eyes and remembered her father as he had been: strong, tall, with a booming voice and sparkling eyes, his immaculate beard had been thick and smattered with white, his hair kept neatly shorn to his shoulders, his brow lined with years of memories and laughter. He had been a man that his people could not help but love, and even his enemies fought him with respect.

How could she ever fill in the emptiness he had left with his death? She was not ready for this.

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Friday Story-Time: Dark Tower

So a few of you who are my long-time and amazing blog-readers know that I came into blogging from a site known as Fiction Press, where I curated my imagination with many, many (Sadly) unfinished stories, as well as a few completed ones. You probably know that I adore writing. It is the one “job” that I would love to have: write novels. You likely also know that I haven’t written in over a year. More like nearly two years. Life and inspiration kind of just kicked me down in the writing world, and I haven’t written more than one paragraph of a story (which I have been deleting because I hated the ideas) in way too long.

But, if you’re one of my old Fiction Press comrades, you probably know that November, in the writing world, is also known as the National Novel Writing Month.

And I have decided to kick myself back into the writing game and participate  For those of you that don’t know what NaNoWriMo is: basically, it is an insane month where us writers attempt to write a novel– which is 50,000 words or more– in thirty days.  It is crazy, it is fun, it is hard, and it is inspirational… and I am determined to win this year. I hope that this year, NaNoWriMo will help me get back into the writing I love and miss so much.

As motivation for myself, I have decided to share my NaNoWriMo writing with you all. Don’t expect too much:  the only rule of NaNoWriMo is don’t edit anything until the month is over, and I haven’t written in much too long. So the story probably won’t be incredibly original. I’ve decided to write a sort of mash-up of various fairytales and insert my own ideas into it as well.

But it should be fun, and hopefully I will not stop writing once NaNoWriMo ends.

So I present to you, the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo Novel.


Dark Tower

Everyone told her that life would start when her true love found her. But now, with her father dead and her mother eager to control his throne, she no longer had the luxury to wait, and true love was nowhere on the horizon. It was time to take fate into her own hands.


It was a foggy morning when her father’s body was brought to its final resting place. The bare trees were covered in a thick mist that sullied her vision and coated her skin with a chilling sheen as it enclosed the world in a shimmer of mystery.  She followed the procession to her father’s grave and bit back the tears and the anger, knowing that her mother lay with a lover the night her father had died, that her mother had broken the King’s heart; her mother had killed him with her cold calculations, her treason against his love, her greed.

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A snippet.

So most of you know that I’m a writer. Given that it says I write novels in my spare time over there in the sidebar, you should know that I’m a writer. But I haven’t shared my writing in the public in a while, due to having been plagiarized and thus spooked by posting my fiction in public on the internet.

I’m mostly past that.

I haven’t written anything substantial in about a year, for various reasons– it started with allergies that basically kicked me out of my own house, then having a job that I was less-than-fond of, then writer’s block, then being plagiarized, then having a job that I love, then blogging as my main form of artistic expression, then… being promoted to Manager. Lots of stuff. There’s more than that, but I won’t add to the list.

But something happened today– I think it was the decision to cut blogging back to 3 days a week unless I felt like doing more– and suddenly I found myself sitting on my bed typing away on a story that’s been in the back of my head for months and months. And I feel like sharing some of that with you, so that those of you who didn’t find me through my old fiction publishing website can have a taste of what it is I absolutely love doing above everything else in life.

This is an as-yet unnamed story. I have one full (ish) chapter written, plus 18 pages of the bits and pieces that have come to mind while I’m writing.

The temporary title (because I don’t have anything else to call it) is Gimpy and the Thief. (Catchy, right?)


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… and it’s just really hard to reconcile the two.

Excuse me if this post seems choppy with the pictures. It’s an experiment.

So we all know that I’m a writer. Right?

Well… if we don’t, we do now.

{Side note: I really don’t know why I’m referring to you as “we.” Or if I am, in fact, referring to the voices in my head. Which mostly think I’m very sad for having a life that mostly consists of doing things online.}

And I started this blog almost two years ago {March 29th is my… its… our…?… two year anniversary. Bloggyversary. Birthday? Whatever. Too many side notes!} to chronicle the ups and downs of my writing, as well as the adventures I anticipating having because I was moving across the states at the time. {Those adventures never really happened. Also, I should ban myself from using brackets.}

{fun fact: my first post was entirely in italics, and I used to sign my posts “Mara T.”}

But over the year and many months, the blog has evolved to include more than just my writer life. I started posting photos, vlogs, letters, book reviews, fashion posts, food posts… and it’s sort of grown up into an all-encompassing reminder that really, I have absolutely no life outside of the internet.

… this isn’t going where I had intended it to go.

BACK to the original tangent!

Recently– say…since the beginning of this year– I’ve become increasingly interested in fashion, which has birthed a stronger wish to somehow meld the writer/nerd me with the semi-fashionable me, but generally my posts tend to be either one or the other. {speaking of nerd me, I get new glasses some time next week. And I am excited to have them.} I am a writer all week, who posts pictures after the jump because she feels obligated to keep the girliness to a minimum for the small percentage of her readers who are boys, and then on Saturdays, I feel that the week of being smart has given me leave to do a frivolous and entirely fashion-related post.

Also, I always have this fear that because I do fashion posts, I might be perceived as air-headed and vain. Which is probably silly of me {Yeah. It is silly of me. I can totally be perceived as air-headed and vain without these fashion posts. Proof}, but there it is.

But I’ve been stalking following a few fashion bloggers lately that have made me realize that… it’s okay to let the girly me loose. I don’t perceive my fellow female fashion fanatics {ooh, alliteration. Fancy} as airheaded or vain. I see them as interesting people who just happen to have amazing taste and want to share their love for pretty things with the world. My current favorite fashion blogger– Kendi— is not only beautiful,  but absolutely hilarious, and not airheaded in the least.

I sort of want to be her.

Or at the very least, mimic her. {More brackets! One of my stalkers on Chictopia keeps telling me that I remind her of Kendi. For reals. {I can’t believe I just said “for reals.”}}

So over the next few days, I’ll be experimenting with some blog-post styles to see how I can reconcile the writer me with the fashionable me. I’ve seen quite a few fashion bloggers include their fashion pictures throughout their post and somehow make it all cohesive even if they’re not actually talking about their outfit, and I want to figure out how to do that.

And if you’re a boy who thinks it’s dumb, go throw some rocks* or mess up a car engine or something equally manly and we’ll call it even. Mr. Rochester joins you in looking disdainful and annoyed:

Poor man. He’s surrounded by jewelry, belts, vintage hats, and owls.


I decided at the end of this post to make this one my first experiment with including outfit pictures throughout. I don’t think it worked very well. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’m going to give up and give in to my girly side completely and write the next chapter of my romance novel. Rather… I should say the romance novel I’m currently working on out of the five I haven’t finished yet, because… otherwise it sounds like I’m nice and orderly and only work on one thing at a time. Which is completely untrue.



P.S. Owl of the day:

Also, my cat’s front fang is loose. I’m worried about her. She’s having trouble eating. I just…thought you should know.

*I don’t really know why throwing rocks is manly.

{edit: hover over the pictures. I may or may not have inserted very random captions.}