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Dedicated to my second nephew, Benton, who was stillborn this morning, three days before his due date. And for my brother and his wife as they mourn for their fourth child and first son. Bliss. The most beautiful light he has ever seen, shining around him, filling him with warmth until there are no shadows.… Read More Free


Aphotic Pulchritude

Being a writer, there isn’t a creative spurt that goes by where I do not stop to search for synonyms when one form of a word just doesn’t seem like enough to me, or when I have to use that word more than once every few paragraphs  and need more forms  of it  to make… Read More Aphotic Pulchritude



An old lullaby I wrote; I finally recorded it because I was forgetting how the piano went. Forgive the sound (hear the birds in the background?). 😉 P.S. Lyrics