Story Saturday: Thread of Time Chapter 2

I missed posting last Saturday, since it was our anniversary and I forgot to schedule the post but if you haven’t already caught up on my Fiction Press account, here is chapter two of Thread of Time. Enjoy!

Chapter Two: Aftershock

The first thing Maeve noticed was an earthy, musty smell, like the aroma of earth that has been wetted down and filled with moss. Her eyes refused to open right away, but she could smell everything. The dirt beneath her, the water that dripped somewhere in the vicinity, the puddles that people walked through outside. Wherever she was, it smelled of stone, worn in and kissed with cold age.

Rubbing her eyes to will away the pounding headache, she squinted one lid open and barely caught movement above her. The tendril of someone’s hair slid across her face, and fingers poked her cheek. Maeve grunted in response, her heart beginning to race. Had she been kidnapped? She barely remembered last night; the dancing and drinking and midnight kissing all blurred into one loud memory that she did not care to relive. But after that kiss… what had happened? She couldn’t remember.

If she hadn’t felt so much like throwing up, Maeve might have been a little more concerned about the figure tentatively prodding her body. But, the person did not seem to be after much of anything, and she was preoccupied with merely getting her vision back to care much. Something about the sounds coming from outside seemed odd to her, but she could not quite pin what it was.

Finally, both eyes cooperated and granted her vision — blurry, gritty vision that welcomed in stabbing pain with the light, but vision nonetheless. Above her was darkness; some sort of wooden beams beneath a floor, shrouded in shadows and cobwebs. To the left was a window; the sort of rectangular kind that basements have, which follows the line of the ground and does very little to allow a view in or out. It was barred, but then many basement windows were in the city.

To the right was a dark stone wall. It surprised her to see this; she had expected brick of some kind, but instead gray stones greeted her eyes, dripping with moisture of indeterminate beginnings. And, as she finally gathered the energy to push herself up to her elbows, at her feet was what appeared to be an old woman wrapped in a gray blanket, who was poking at her with a stick.

“Hey,” Maeve protested, immediately thinking of the delicacy of her dress before she realized it was utterly ruined by dirt and alcohol and one too many misstepping feet.

With a scream, the woman threw herself back against the wall, her eyes wide. Unintelligible words flew from her mouth, and she covered her face with her hands, muttering all the while.

Maeve raised an eyebrow. “Well. Hello…?”

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Story Saturday: Thread of Time

When I started this blog in 2008, it was a place for me to write out all of my thoughts about my writing. At the time, I was working on the first novel I ever finished, an epic tale of romance set in 400AD Ireland, telling the conflicting relationship between a Saxon warlord and a Celtic clan warrior’s daughter. Because I had so many thoughts outside of writing, I needed a place to put them. And because I’ve never been good at keeping a handwritten journal, starting a blog seemed like the perfect thing to do.

A few years passed of that, and then I discovered fashion blogs which morphed this blog into what it is now: mostly style, occasionally book reviews, and very little to do with its origins of being an aspiring novelist’s blog. I stopped writing almost completely for about five years. Marriage, motherhood, postpartum depression, and just life in general took over for a while. I quit reading, I quit writing, and I wondered if I’d ever get back to that place where I was passionately and frenetically typing out a story the way I did when I was twenty.

Enter this year. Turning twenty nine really reminded me of the dreams I’ve had since childhood that I so dearly want to accomplish. My 30th birthday is next year, so I vowed to finish writing a novel, and submit it for publication somewhere by the time I turned thirty. It didn’t matter which novel, or whether I thought it was absolute trash. I just want to get started on the aspirations that took root at seven years old, grew strong at sixteen, and have persisted ever since my very first novel gained a fair amount of internet popularity. Writing is, I think, one of my greatest talents and it is definitely one of my greatest joys. 

So this year I’ve been working on a novel (which you’ll see linked over to the right if you want to delve in), and I took a break from that novel to join National Novel Writing Month in November. I didn’t win, but I did get halfway through and I’m proud of that. My goal is to finish this novel by the end of the year. 

And I think it’s time to hearken back to the roots of this blog, and incorporate my writing as an essential part once again. I hope you enjoy reading what I share, and you can certainly skip ahead to read more online if you like. Every Saturday, I’ll be sharing a chapter of the novel I hope to finish by the end of this year, and then we’ll move on to other novels I’m working on.

This is all a very long intro to say, welcome to Story Saturday. A place where I can share my biggest passion and you, I hope, can become lost in another world for a little while.

Side note, Thread of Time won’t be very heavily edited or in-depth researched, as I am endeavoring to knock out a novel by the new year. Feel free to point out errors in grammar or spelling, any historical accidents, or anything else that isn’t quite correct. I highly appreciate it!


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