Floral dress, Wardrobe Shop shawl, and cupcake dolls

The Wardrobe Shop sent me an item for review free of charge. All opinions are my own!

Cupcake Doll

Does anyone remember Cupcake Dolls? When I was little, those were my ultimate favorite toy. With their frosting hats, and their delicious scents, and all of the little accessories and sets; they were the sweetest toys and I adored them. I’m not sure if they were a product of the 80’s or the 90’s; I remember by the time I was about 7 or 8 they were getting harder to find and phased out completely a few years later.

This outfit reminds me of a Cupcake Doll. It’s the ultimate confectionery ensemble, from the pastel green of the dress to the delicate lace of this Wardrobe Shop shawl, to the ever-so-girly polka-dot flowers in my hair. I don’t think I have ever felt more feminine, and that’s saying a lot as a woman who wears dresses 90% of the time.

I thought this was the perfect sugary outfit to showcase this beautiful Wardrobe Shop shawl, though, and I will be wearing the entire affair to a Valentine’s Day Tea Party with my cousins next week It’s a yearly event, and requires the prettiest, sweetest, most feminine attire possible. When Katerina contacted me to collaborate, we discussed several options before finally settling on a little review of one of their delicate shawls. I was immediately drawn to this sheer embroidered number.  It has an air of flapper about it, yet could work over almost anything as that one accessory that sets you apart.

It has a pretty little rhinestone button, and the embroidery is so lovely. My only complaint is that it isn’t made of the softer lace material, but a slightly rougher netting. I would love it if the material was as soft as it looked, but since it’s meant to be worn over other things it’s not a big issue. I think this would be GORGEOUS in a wedding, though that’s not something I’ll ever get to do again. Perhaps it’s time to break out my wedding dress just for fun.

Be Mine

And, the collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time, since it’s the month of love and romance and all things sweet! I am looking forward to following a theme this month, and have so many Valentine’s inspired outfits all month long. The more settled I get in my style, the more I want to follow themes and coordinate perfectly and create a pretty magazine of retro and vintage looks.

My husband and I are planning to go away without the kids on the weekend before Valentine’s Day (I’d better not get sick!) for a day of antiquing and thrifting and exploration. We haven’t been able to explore sans-kids for a long time, but Evie is finally well on her way to being fully weaned (she only nurses at night now!) so we can finally leave for a full day and not worry that she’ll just not eat all day (which she has done before) until she sees me. I am so looking forward to alone time with my man!

I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll wear yet (travesty!) but of course it’ll be something fancy and pink or red, and romantic. And most likely catered to my husband’s preferences; while he appreciates the way I dress, he definitely likes florals and feminine cuts much more than wiggle styles or bold solid dresses.

It’s always interesting when I explore styles that I tend to wear less often, like the  Bettie bang and the more rockabilly style, as he very much does NOT like that look. Obviously, he never tells me what I can and cannot wear, but I love putting together an outfit that he enjoys. Luckily, our tastes run in the same direction; I much prefer a soft, feminine look to the fierce, rockabilly look. (Rockabilly is fun, though, don’t get me wrong!)

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s day? Aside from the weekend expedition, we will also be going out to a fancy dinner on the actual day. It is our prerogative to find the best steak in town!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! We are currently enjoying snow that has stayed all day long. I can’t believe our luck!

Dress, Amazon | shawl, c/o Wardrobe Shop | shoes, (my wedding shoes!), Macy’s | belt, thrifted | hair flowers, bought as individuals from Michaels crafts | petticoat, Amazon










eShakti Dress, vintage hair, and Elizabeth Taylor vibes

The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

The Dress of Dreams

I had big plans for this dress. It is so glamorous, so romantic, and so glorious, I had hoped to take photos in a winter wonderland, emulating the 1950’s with my husband in a romantic photoshoot while we were on vacation. I had everything packed and planned, down to the coordinating bow-tie my husband was going to wear. And then… I got sick. So sick I spent the entire four days of vacation in bed, and all plans of photoshoots in the snow were very concretely abandoned.

At first, I was so disappointed. I wanted to create a fairytale with this dress! It is a princess kind of dress with its embroidery and color, very Anna-meets-Belle, and it evokes the glamor of 1950’s Hollywood to me. The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

But then today as I prepared and shot the outfit, I realized that perhaps it’s a good thing I was delayed. For one, I now have a corset which works much better with this silhouette than my other corset (review coming next week!). For another, I wouldn’t have had the idea to emulate Elizabeth Taylor in my hair and makeup, and I think that really makes this look come to life! And lastly, I wasn’t freezing my toes off in the snow. Which is always a plus!

The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

Just imagine if I had violet eyes. I really want to do a series on YouTube where I recreate vintage beauty icons, especially after today! Hopefully I can kickstart my channel soon; I know I have been talking about it a lot, but life has a way of moving way faster than I expect! I’ll jump in really soon with sewing and makeup, I promise! The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

Back to the dress, though! Last year, eShakti had contacted me about collaboration and of course I said yes! I brought up the idea of possibly doing a lookbook with them, and got a green light, so sent over a few items that I thought would make a really cute Christmas lookbook. However, after some of the messages got lost in the Holiday jumble, they ended up only being able to send me the Deer dress, and this dress. So the lookbook may never come about, but after wearing this gorgeous thing I’m okay with it! I still want to create a lookbook, and have a few dresses I’m keeping my eye on to purchase in the future and create something special. The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

Everything about this dress is perfect. The fit is phenomenal — I utilized their custom fit feature, as always — the zipper doesn’t stick like it can with thicker fabrics, the fullness, even without a petticoat, is fairly great, the bra strap stays are so useful, the length is ideal… I’m so in love. Usually with any sponsorships or collaborations, I try to be as critical as I can to give a fair and unbiased review… but there is literally nothing wrong with this dress. I have zero complaints!The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

Beauty and the Beast

And a few people have mentioned that I really need to wear it to the opening of Beauty and the Beast, so now I am torn! I cannot decide whether this or my Belle dress would be a better choice. Which means, of course, I’ll just have to go see it twice!

Is anyone else extremely excited for this remake? I cry every time I watch the preview, and I’m not exaggerating that. It hits me RIGHT in the childhood. It IS my childhood. I am tearing up just thinking about it right now, which is ridiculous and perfectly expresses just how much I adore Beauty and the Beast. I was so afraid at first that the casting might have been off, but having watched the latest preview I’m no longer skeptical. I think they chose extremely well.   The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

I plan to go see it with my mom, as I only recently found out that it’s her favorite fairytale as well, and then with my husband since he really likes these remakes. Ugh. I can’t even express how excited I am!The Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.comThe Dress of Dreams | eyreeffect.com

Are you planning to see Beauty and the Beast? And what do you think about this gorgeous dress? More importantly, which dress should I wear the first time I see the aforementioned remake? Because that is a momentous occasion.

Dress, c/o eShakti (On sale and available in maroon and black!)| corset, c/o Orchard Corset | shoes and belt, thrifted | necklace, old | earrings, vintage | fur stole, vintage | petticoat, Amazon





Star Wars skirt, rockabilly style, and a Moonstone Magic ring

Looking to the Star(War)s

Well hello! I’m back… sort of! After last weekend’s five day bout of sickness — I was so sick that I missed our entire vacation and couldn’t get out of bed even after we got back — and then the bolt to the connector of our tripod has been misplaced, and now I’m sick again. So who knows if there will be another post this week; it may come late, like this one! But, if you want little daily updates of life, you can always check over at Home, by Kristina where I divulge mostly motherhood and daily life stuff along with photos of my kids. And let’s get on to the outfit!

Ever since I remade myself a Star Wars skirt (on the morning we went to see Rogue One, of course!) I have been searching for the perfect way to wear it. My last attempt at styling the first Star Wars skirt I made — which ended up being too short for my preferences — was very casual and modern. This attempt is, I think, much more in line with my current style though it’s more on the Rockabilly side than true vintage.

I was excited to thrift this sweater and these boots before we went to Leavenworth. Of course, at the time I thought I would be wearing them both to keep me warm and dry, but I ended up abed all weekend long so that proved to be a wrong assumption. But styling them with this skirt just felt right. I’ve been searching for a cardigan similar to this for quite some time; Miss Victory Violet often wears similar ones, and I love the coziness it adds to a look!

Moonstone Magic

But what I really want to talk about is this ring! A little while ago, a company called Moonstone Magic contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their jewelry. They stock beautiful pieces made out of moonstone — a stone that looks a bit like the moon’s reflection on still water — and I was excited to choose a delicate ring that I could wear every day. The idea of something that looks a bit like the moon or the stars really appealed to me.

When it arrived, it was every bit as pretty as I had expected, and a perfectly delicate balance to my wedding ring. I’ve been looking for a ring just like this for a while, as I love jewelry but prefer pieces that are understated and elfin-looking.

Unfortunately, after about a week of daily wear, one of the stones went missing. I probably should have chosen a flatter ring, as I do a lot with my hands, but I am disappointed that this one was not more durable. I contacted the company about it but haven’t yet heard back whether this might be a defect or whether this style is just more delicate than others.

While I really loved the ring, I would have expected that a $30 ring (though it’s on sale now!) would be a bit more durable and able to handle my daily activities!

All in all, if I were gifted another ring I wouldn’t complain! And I really did enjoy how it looked and felt while wearing it. Perhaps somehow I can get the stone replaced and make it wearable again. It’s worth looking into, for the style of the ring and its delicate beauty. If you want to read more about moonstone, head over to the Moonstone Blog for lots of pretty pictures and ideas!

On the Bright Side

Though I’ve been sick basically two weekends in a row and out of commission for about two weeks total now, it has given me a lot of time to work on other things! As I mentioned before, I’ve started a 365 photo challenge for myself to document my kids daily, and began the blog Home, by Kristina because of it. Eventually I would love to expand this challenge into an offering for others who want to capture their memories in a lifestyle type way, but for now I am enjoying finding new ways to encapsulate our daily lives through photography.

And, because I’ve been making myself rest a lot, the time off my feet means I’ve been writing again. I hesitate to say I’m back on track, because every time I mention that I’ve caught the writing bug again, something happens and I lose it. But it’s still a goal of mine to finish writing a novel (any novel!) by the end of this year, and I have a few in the works that may be “the one.”

I’m hoping to get into a habit of writing daily, and writing even when I’m not feeling particularly inspired. I have heard many times from published authors that most of the hard work is writing even when you don’t “feel” like it, because the more regularly you write, the more your inspiration will hit. So I’ve been reading novels that I want to read, novels that inspire me, and I’ve been writing every little notation and idea that comes to me. I even downloaded Google Documents onto my phone so that I can type out scenes and tidbits directly into the stories I’m currently working on!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed support as I battle being sick! I’m hoping to be back on schedule by next week, especially because I have a few collaborations to share yet! One of which is a gorgeous eShakti dress, and the other of which is a beautiful little shawl from Wardrobe Shop. Happy Tuesday!

Skirt, self-made | top, boots, belt, and cardigan, thrifted | ring, c/o Moonstone Magic | headscarf and earrings and brooch, vintage





Home, by Kristina

I know it’s been very quiet around here this week; I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed for five days straight, and then a small snag earlier meant the one post I had to go live this week has been delayed to next week.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, though, you will have seen this announcement. A few months ago (nine or ten, actually) my friend Sarah and I started a mom blog. Through some weird happenstance that blog got obliterated into nothingness by WordPress. We never did recover it and ended up giving up the idea. However, lately I’ve realized I have quit documenting my kids. I miss having photos of them every day, to see how they have changed and what we’ve been up to, and what they do in their little daily lives. It’s funny to say, but I have a bad memory day-to-day, and without photos sometimes I forget the most precious tiny details. So I challenged myself to photograph them every day, and have subsequently created a blog to share those photos along with anecdotes of motherhood.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long while and you who have been around here long enough will know I always struggled blending my fashion side with my mom side on the internet. This, I think is the perfect solution. And it’s good practice for me, as eventually I want to offer lifestyle sessions for other moms who want to capture the little everyday moments in their childrens’ lives.

So if you’re interested in the motherhood side of things, or just want to keep up with how my kids are growing, you can read Home, by Kristina, or follow me on instagram @homebykristina. Sometimes, I may just share daily photos. Sometimes, I may talk about the big joys or the hardships of motherhood. Overall, I hope to document the beautiful little moments of my home.

And I’ll be back here next week with a regular fashion post!

The BBRBF Book Club: Plaid dress, vintage hat, and Stardust

Stardust | eyreeffect.comStardust | eyreeffect.com


Welcome to another edition of the BBRBF Book Club! If you’re not sure what that is, check out this post! If you are, you can poke around on all of my past reviews here, and keep an eye on Sara, Noelle, Helene, and Kat for their reviews of this month’s choice, Stardust by Niel Gaiman! And join us next month for Helene’s pick, The Bette Davis Club!

As always, the synopsis before we get into my review(via Goodreads):

Young Tristran Thorn will do anything to win the cold heart of beautiful Victoria—even fetch her the star they watch fall from the night sky. But to do so, he must enter the unexplored lands on the other side of the ancient wall that gives their tiny village its name. Beyond that old stone wall, Tristran learns, lies Faerie—where nothing, not even a fallen star, is what he imagined.”

Stardust | eyreeffect.com

I had high hopes for this novel.

Not only was it my own pick, but Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors and his novel Neverwhere is one of my favorite books (alongside Jane Eyre, and Empire of the Wolves. I have a very eclectic favorites list). I had heard that Stardust was supposed to be one of his best novels, so of course I expected nothing less than excellent. I really enjoyed the movie, and was very eager to dig into the book and eat up another fantastic fairytale by my favorite author.


Oh, it pains me to say this.

Stardust | eyreeffect.comStardust | eyreeffect.com

I dragged through Stardust.

I felt as though I was slogging through the mud with this book, and I realize now that my review may be harsher than normal because I had such high hopes. But Stardust left me feeling the way no author wants a reader to feel at the end: apathetic.

I won’t bother to tell you the story because I am sure by now most people have read the novel or seen the movie or both. And, if you haven’t seen the film or read the words, I’ll let you discover them for yourself. But I started it feeling bored, I crawled my way to the middle feeling impatient, and I ended it not caring. I didn’t really care very much about Tristran Thorn and his journey through the fairy world in search of the Star. I never got to know him; everything that happened to him should have been exciting and propelling and intriguing, but I think Gaiman spent so much time curating the action that the character development was lacking. Stardust | eyreeffect.com

Tristran Thorn is on a mission for his supposed one true love; sure, that should be exciting. The Star hates Tristran Thorn — that should have added for some good chemistry and friction between them. The witch wants to take the Star’s heart, there’s a unicorn and a lion, there’s a sky-ship, there’s magic and witchcraft and everything one needs to create a fantastic world… except that spark in the characters to take them from words on a page to friends you root for or villains you hate.

And I am so sad to apply so much censure to this book, being the brainchild of my favorite author whose other books I have loved. But that’s just how it is. I didn’t feel anything for the characters, the storyline was somehow both filled with action and mystery yet also lackluster and predictable, and the writing was descriptive but less imaginative than I have come to expect of Gaiman’s works.

So, sadly, this may be one book that I’ll forego in favor of the movie. The only other book this has ever happened with was The Princess Bride. What do you think of these two titles, if you’ve read them?

Stardust | eyreeffect.comStardust | eyreeffect.com

Plaid Muxxn Dress Review

On to happier things, such as this dress! Ever since I used one of these photos as my profile picture (as I’ve had this outfit shot for far longer than I’ve had the book read) I’ve been bombarded with questions about the dress. It’s high time I did a proper review on a garment!

First of all, this dress is from a brand called MUXXN on Amazon. It’s one of the more affordable reproduction dresses, from which I also got my Belle dress for Halloween. Much like the Belle dress, the fabric is stretchy and comfortable to wear and the construction is fairly good considering the price point!

Stardust | eyreeffect.com

It fits me true to size; while I measure 41 in the bust, 31 or 32 in the waist (it changes depending on the week, ha!) and 48 in the hips, I usually fit a bodice that is 40-31 the best. I bought a size Large, which according to their size chart is a 38-40 bust and a 30-32 waist. You can’t really tell here, but because of the darts and seaming, the bust is just a tad bit loose – especially right where the seam is, which I would prefer to be more fitted and perhaps lower so that my chest fit squarely into the breast region of the dress — but otherwise it fits perfectly.

I’m especially impressed by the shoulders and sleeves. Being a woman with fairly good muscle tone in my arms and wider shoulders than most, I often have issues with long sleeved garments being too tight in the arms (this eShakti dress, made to fit exactly, is a good example) and shoulders, thus constricting my  movement to about half the reach I could normally have. This dress, however, has plenty of room to move about! No constriction whatsoever whichever way I reach. I appreciate that the sleeves are neither baggy nor restricting.

Stardust | eyreeffect.comStardust | eyreeffect.com Stardust | eyreeffect.com

My only complaints, and they are small issues, are: the thread used to sew the dress together is white, so if stretched too far (hello, large meals on holidays) you can see the thread at the seams in stark contrast to the darkness of the fabric.

The loop on the belt, which holds the excess in place, is not attached to the belt itself and falls off when you open up the belt and store it (I hang mine by their buckles). I lost it for a bit. A dab of hot glue will fix this, though (or sewing it on, though I likely won’t do that because I’m too lazy).

And, the “belt loops” on either side are those dreadfully flimsy thread-type loops, and one snapped the first day I wore the dress.

All in all, none of these little things would have stopped me purchasing the dress, and I am incredibly happy with how it fits, how it looks, and how insanely comfortable it is! While I have heard that these less expensive reproduction companies can have drastic sizing differences with their garments even within the same dress, I so far have no complaints owning two MUXXN dresses (and having tried on a third, though in the end it was not quite what I wanted for the event.)

So that’s it for this post! At the moment you are reading this I am preparing for a four-day vacation (or perhaps am already gone, if you see this late) to Leavenworth with my husband’s family. I am excited to share photos so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram as I’ll be updating with snippets there!

Dress, Amazon (here) | hat, vintage, bought from Hailey | shoes, thrifted (similar) | brooch, grandma’s ( same here – with earrings! – and same here and here) | gloves, vintage | purse, vintage (similar here) | tights, Target | earrings, grandma’s (similar here)

Stardust | eyreeffect.com