Solving a Style Crisis

Once upon a time, a girl started fashion blogging because she hated wearing pants. She had challenged herself to wear skirts and dresses and tights for a full week in the middle of December, when it was rainy and slushy and miserable, because she knew that if she could make it through a week of December in a dress, she would never have to wear pants again. It was around that time she found two blogs: Selective Potential, and What I Wore. These bloggers inspired her in so many ways because they wore dresses and skirts most of the time, layered tights, combined colors and prints she never would have thought to combine, and were generally the exact kind of feminine, retro, quirky style mavens that she had always wanted to be.

But over time, more and more fashion blogs came into the girl’s peripheral and she saw perfect vintage bloggers, beautiful pinup styles, rockabilly fashions, Modcloth-esque mavens, and so many vintage or vintage-inspired styles that she no longer quite knew who she wanted to be. And, as her original two favorite bloggers changed, so did she.

While many of her favorite vintage or vintage-inspired fashion bloggers began to turn more modern, this girl began to delve further into the past. She chased a dream of wearing vintage every day, of looking like a perfect 1950’s housewife, of having a closet full of beautiful vintage dresses, and generally being one of those bloggers whose closet looks straight from the past.

After many years of searching and collecting and testing, she finally got there.

And something happened that she did not expect.

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Christmas Traditions

I have not shared much about daily life, family adventures, or anything to do with my family (and especially kids) here in a very long time. About a year ago, a situation happened during which a person left some demeaning and intentionally derisive comments about myself and my mothering abilities, and I later found that this person or others who know them had taken a photo of my husband and made a sort of demeaning meme out of it. Everything that they said in these comments was based on their very limited internet knowledge of me and my life, mostly gathered from joking things I had said in passing on a Facebook group thread. It’s not a story I feel the need to get into any more, but since that time, I have felt pretty reticent to share my kids here on the blog.

I do run a photography Instagram account on which my kids dominate, but I rarely share motherhood incidents or personal stories any more. I never really addressed the real reason for this anywhere except my own personal Facebook account in a vague sort of way, which then sparked a few more nasty things and it took a long time for me to process everything that had happened. Postpartum depression and anxiety were strong at the time, so the whole situation left its mark for a long time. And then a few weeks ago, I realized something.

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Sweet as Honey

To inspire myself to get dressed through winter, I’ve started a series on YouTube of weekly maternity style. I call it thrifted maternity style because most of it IS thrifted, but each video might touch on different styles or places to find what I call “non maternity” maternity clothes. The more pregnancies I go through, the fewer maternity items I purchase, opting instead to thrift stretchy, sized-up, high-waisted, and longer items that will cover me (and my belly) through most of my pregnancy. The only thing I’ll eveer purchase full price is maternity jeans, because those things are gold!

Today, I desperately wanted to wear this new bee-embroidered cardigan I found at my favorite Goodwill for $4. I don’t have much in this color, but decided to step out of my match-all-things comfort zone and mix it with this also-thrifted gorgeous wool skirt that, if you’ll forgive me, I will probably LIVE in this winter.

I was extra delighted when my new Breckelles arrived first thing this morning, in this gorgeous taupe, and they perfectly match the grayish tone in my skirt! So my match-all-the-things soul was appeased.

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Story Saturday: Thread of Time Chapter 2

I missed posting last Saturday, since it was our anniversary and I forgot to schedule the post but if you haven’t already caught up on my Fiction Press account, here is chapter two of Thread of Time. Enjoy!

Chapter Two: Aftershock

The first thing Maeve noticed was an earthy, musty smell, like the aroma of earth that has been wetted down and filled with moss. Her eyes refused to open right away, but she could smell everything. The dirt beneath her, the water that dripped somewhere in the vicinity, the puddles that people walked through outside. Wherever she was, it smelled of stone, worn in and kissed with cold age.

Rubbing her eyes to will away the pounding headache, she squinted one lid open and barely caught movement above her. The tendril of someone’s hair slid across her face, and fingers poked her cheek. Maeve grunted in response, her heart beginning to race. Had she been kidnapped? She barely remembered last night; the dancing and drinking and midnight kissing all blurred into one loud memory that she did not care to relive. But after that kiss… what had happened? She couldn’t remember.

If she hadn’t felt so much like throwing up, Maeve might have been a little more concerned about the figure tentatively prodding her body. But, the person did not seem to be after much of anything, and she was preoccupied with merely getting her vision back to care much. Something about the sounds coming from outside seemed odd to her, but she could not quite pin what it was.

Finally, both eyes cooperated and granted her vision — blurry, gritty vision that welcomed in stabbing pain with the light, but vision nonetheless. Above her was darkness; some sort of wooden beams beneath a floor, shrouded in shadows and cobwebs. To the left was a window; the sort of rectangular kind that basements have, which follows the line of the ground and does very little to allow a view in or out. It was barred, but then many basement windows were in the city.

To the right was a dark stone wall. It surprised her to see this; she had expected brick of some kind, but instead gray stones greeted her eyes, dripping with moisture of indeterminate beginnings. And, as she finally gathered the energy to push herself up to her elbows, at her feet was what appeared to be an old woman wrapped in a gray blanket, who was poking at her with a stick.

“Hey,” Maeve protested, immediately thinking of the delicacy of her dress before she realized it was utterly ruined by dirt and alcohol and one too many misstepping feet.

With a scream, the woman threw herself back against the wall, her eyes wide. Unintelligible words flew from her mouth, and she covered her face with her hands, muttering all the while.

Maeve raised an eyebrow. “Well. Hello…?”

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Vintage Adventures: A Trip To La Conner

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It blows my mind that it’s been five years already (and we’re working on baby 3!). How did time pass so quickly?

To celebrate, we went to a small town called La Conner, which is best known for its tulip fields in the spring. While the fields were bare and the weather was chilly, we still enjoyed ourselves exploring antique and thrift stores, taking in the beauty of the harbor, and going to the peak of the nearby Mount Erie.

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