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    Modern does 1940’s in a Mango Clothing Dress

    This weekend, my mom and I are going away on a little holiday to the ocean. After her doctor ordered her to take a stay in a “tall cement building”, to see if the mold or mildew that’s possibly in my parents’ house could be bothering her allergies, she immediately texted me and said she wanted to take me with her. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever been away from my kids and husband for more than a day… ever. And to say I’m excited is an understatement. I think every mama can relate to needing some time away. Whether it be a few hours for coffee, a day…

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    Alice in Wonderland || Down the rabbit hole with Lindy Bop

    Recently I splurged on a few Lindy Bop dresses I’ve  been eyeing, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen most of them. This Alice in Wonderland print was probably the first thing I saw that I knew I’d buy when I had the budget to treat myself to an order, although I had a hard time deciding between the Audrey, the Brittany (which has heart pockets, and which I own with a makeup print on it!) and the pretty pink Ionia! But in the end, yellow always has my heart! And we’ll just ignore the fact that I probably should have ironed it first, and my…

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    Vintage Maternity Photos

    In the past years, when I envisioned how I wanted my maternity photos to look, they never turned out how I expected. With Asa, I was only just beginning to understand photography, and had just started using my husband’s DSLR. Maternity photos were sort of just becoming popular, so I didn’t have a lot of ideas on what to do and I only knew I wanted something simple and sort of earthy. With Evie, I was getting more comfortable with the camera but still worked with a self timer, and had no outfit planned. Last-minute, I grabbed a long piece of fabric I’d had for a few years, pinned it…

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    The Mellow Rose | A vintage swing dress

    Yellow has long been one of my favorite colors, for its warmth and cheerfulness and general ability to brighten any day, so when I saw that one of my friends was selling this glorious yellow rose print swing dress, I had to have it. Yellow roses symbolize optimism, friendship, and joy, which makes this dress extra special to me. Though today’s post was a bit tricky to begin with, wearing this dress brightened the whole day and made the extra work of taking these photos first thing (yes, today!) a bit more fun. 

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    Winter Sickness, Lindy Bop, and the Best Cape Ever

    This outfit was going to be posted on Valentine’s day. Yep. I had every intention to get it up and going for the day of all things red and mushy and heart-themed (and it’s obvious why) but then Valentine’s day started with some pregnancy emotions that just wouldn’t stop, lack of sleep, and a cold getting worse. All day, I would come to this post and these photos and just stare. I had the shell of picture, but I had no words. I wasn’t feeling mushy about the day, I had things to get done, and I just wasn’t feeling up to a lovey post about Valentines. But here we…