Hearts and Roses of London dress, Flower Cardigan, and the Gardens of Seattle

Romance in the City

The fact that these photos were taken on a Valentine’s Day Weekend Excursion goes to tell you how scattered my blogging brain has been lately. I loved this photoshoot, though, so here we are, even though I’ve just realized I’m almost making the same face in every photo. The things I’ve learned since these photos — such as, being confident in my posing even though people are all around… and also making more eye contact with the camera when I’m being photographed — are pretty apparent to me. My hair is another thing! I have a post coming up on Thursday and you’ll be able to see the big difference in my hair skills! 

Back in February, my husband and I decided to take a day trip into Seattle for Valentine’s day. We did all of the touristy things; riding the foot ferry (a walk-on-only ferry), wandering through Pike’s Place market, walking to the malls, visiting all the little shops along the way. We ate at The Spaghetti Factory, where I had never eaten before (it was delicious!) and halfway through the trip my cousin met us to gift me a vintage feather hat that happened to go perfectly with what I was wearing.

And after a while of wandering, we finally met up with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend so that they could show us a few of their favorite places in Seattle. This park happened to be close to one of them, and at first I thought it was someone’s garden. It is nestled into a neighborhood of beautiful houses, inconspicuously sitting on the corner beside a tall home, and its gates look just like the gates of many other abodes along the way.

It’s a small park, with just a short loop around a lush verdant utopia of rhododendrons and evergreens, deciduous trees that had yet to bring back their leaves from the dead of winter, and beds of flowers that somehow bloomed before spring had yet come.

A stone courtyard houses the sole bench, where one could sit peacefully for hours surrounded by greenery. It may well be my favorite secret discovery of any trip we have done. And, while it’s certainly not a secret to the people who live there, I think it’s so out-of-the-way that those who aren’t residents in the neighborhood would not know it was there.

It was a lovely bit of quiet amidst the hum of the city. Afterward, we went to a small cafe that made the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had, and played a board game (the name of which I cannot remember) wherein Nehemiah and I were sorely beaten.

When we finally started back home, we found ourselves waiting to walk onto the ferry with a crowd of post-baseball-game-goers, most of whom were very drunk. One in particular looked familiar to me, and then I realized that we had been on the same ferry coming, and she had liked my shoes. She recognized me, and tripped over, obviously smashed as she exclaimed “Oh! Look at you! You are so pinup!” she turned to my husband and continued, “Your friend/girlfriend/wife/whatever is so pinup!”

When my husband inserted, “wife!” with a smile, she brightened up and cooed, “you’re in love??? I just LOVE love. I wish someone could love me as much as you love her.” She then gestured to her male companion and loudly asserted “he tolerates me okay, but he doesn’t love me yet.”

After a few more slurred exclamations over how very pinup I was, she went back to the arm of her waiting companion and he smiled at us as if to say “I love her more than she realizes.”

It was the perfect comedic end to the day, and as I finally recount this I’m itching to take another trip to be a tourist somewhere in this beautiful state.

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The Woodland Park


It has been almost a month since I decided to take a blogging break. As you may have noticed, I didn’t schedule those seven posts I found that I’d never shared, and I’ll explain why in a moment! But first it would mean the world to me if you’d consider supporting my Patreon page. After a month of revising and revamping how I want to blog, I realized I also needed to revise a few things on Patreon, because my huge goals were far too much for me to supply no matter how much I wanted to! So, I’ve figured out what it is I CAN offer you in return for your support. It may not seem like a lot at the moment, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Thank you for your support, however it is given!

But now, on to this outfit!

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Vintage Belle featuring Miss M’s Millinery

Vintage Belle | eyreeffect.com

The Vintage Belle

This post is sorely late in coming to you. Quite a while ago, my lovely friend Nicole messaged me to ask if I’d like her to make me a hat based on Beauty and the Beast. The new movie was just about to be released, and she was hoping I’d like to wear it to the theater when I saw the movie. Of course I said yes; what could be better than a vintage-inspired AND Beauty-and-the-Beast inspired hat?

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Mixing polka-dots, Lotty Dotty Vintage, and Ariel flats

Seeing Double | eyreeffect.comSeeing Double | eyreeffect.com

Seeing Double

As the weather changes, I have noticed my wardrobe preferences changing too. Throughout the colder months, I gravitate towards dresses; one-piece items that I can throw on over tights, under a coat, with a cardigan. Easy outfits, that don’t require a lot of thought to stay warm and look fashionable.

And then warm weather comes, and I start to want to wear my skirts and tops again. I itch for sleeveless, for open necklines, for flowing skirts. When I got this polka dot top from Lotty Dotty Vintage, it was a no-brainer to pair it with one of my favorite skirts (polka dots and pleats, what’s not to love?).

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Thrifted skirt, book pins, and taking a step back

A Season of Gray

Lately, I have not been feeling myself. I don’t know if it’s the season (this muddy spring weather is not my favorite), the time of life (having two kids under three can be exhausting), or the weight gain (after Evie, I kept all of the baby weight and gained five more pounds), but these last few months my blog is taking the brunt of whatever this is.

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