Lipstick Love (feat Lindy Bop)

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I bought this darling Lindy Bop dress from my fellow blogger and lovely friend Justyna, originally thinking it would be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day. Along with the retro lipstick print, lip prints, flowers, and heart pockets, it also has a heart cutout in the back! But then, of course, I got pregnant and by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around I will likely have too big of a baby bump to rock this dress. So I had to get at least one wear out of it before putting it to the back of my closet, where it will faithfully await my post-baby, post-breastfeeding self (well, at the very least, post-baby.)

Lipstick Love |

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Story Saturday: Thread of Time

When I started this blog in 2008, it was a place for me to write out all of my thoughts about my writing. At the time, I was working on the first novel I ever finished, an epic tale of romance set in 400AD Ireland, telling the conflicting relationship between a Saxon warlord and a Celtic clan warrior’s daughter. Because I had so many thoughts outside of writing, I needed a place to put them. And because I’ve never been good at keeping a handwritten journal, starting a blog seemed like the perfect thing to do.

A few years passed of that, and then I discovered fashion blogs which morphed this blog into what it is now: mostly style, occasionally book reviews, and very little to do with its origins of being an aspiring novelist’s blog. I stopped writing almost completely for about five years. Marriage, motherhood, postpartum depression, and just life in general took over for a while. I quit reading, I quit writing, and I wondered if I’d ever get back to that place where I was passionately and frenetically typing out a story the way I did when I was twenty.

Enter this year. Turning twenty nine really reminded me of the dreams I’ve had since childhood that I so dearly want to accomplish. My 30th birthday is next year, so I vowed to finish writing a novel, and submit it for publication somewhere by the time I turned thirty. It didn’t matter which novel, or whether I thought it was absolute trash. I just want to get started on the aspirations that took root at seven years old, grew strong at sixteen, and have persisted ever since my very first novel gained a fair amount of internet popularity. Writing is, I think, one of my greatest talents and it is definitely one of my greatest joys. 

So this year I’ve been working on a novel (which you’ll see linked over to the right if you want to delve in), and I took a break from that novel to join National Novel Writing Month in November. I didn’t win, but I did get halfway through and I’m proud of that. My goal is to finish this novel by the end of the year. 

And I think it’s time to hearken back to the roots of this blog, and incorporate my writing as an essential part once again. I hope you enjoy reading what I share, and you can certainly skip ahead to read more online if you like. Every Saturday, I’ll be sharing a chapter of the novel I hope to finish by the end of this year, and then we’ll move on to other novels I’m working on.

This is all a very long intro to say, welcome to Story Saturday. A place where I can share my biggest passion and you, I hope, can become lost in another world for a little while.

Side note, Thread of Time won’t be very heavily edited or in-depth researched, as I am endeavoring to knock out a novel by the new year. Feel free to point out errors in grammar or spelling, any historical accidents, or anything else that isn’t quite correct. I highly appreciate it!


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Holidays with Karina Dresses

Karina Dresses sent me the Tara for review. All opinions are my own! Affiliate links are used in this post. If you click to purchase through my links, I earn a small commission which goes to help support this blog. Thank you!Holidays with Karina Dresses | Holidays with Karina Dresses |

Now that Halloween is past, I know many, many people have already gotten deep into the spirit of Christmas. Personally, I don’t decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is past — this year, my whole family is going Christmas-tree-hunting the day after Thanksgiving — but when Karina Dresses asked if I’d review a dress from their Holiday Collection, I had to say yes! You already heard me gush about the Ruby in this post, which is my go-to lazy day dress, but now let’s talk about the Tara!

Holidays with Karina Dresses | eyreeffect.comHolidays with Karina Dresses |

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Reminiscing on Autumn (with The Body Shop)

The Body Shop asked me to join their #fallthrowback campaign, and sent some lovely items for my use. All thoughts are my own!Reminiscing on Autumn | eyreeffect.comReminiscing on Autumn |

As many of you know, Fall is my absolute favorite season. So when Erica of Talented Talkers reached out to ask if I might join in their campaign for The Body Shop’s new Vanilla Pumpkin line and talk about just what it is in this season that brings up thoughts of pumpkins and spice, my answer was an immediate yes. I was kindly sent the full line of body wash, body butter, and hand cream for personal use, and while I was not expected to put them in my post… I had to. Because what is more “fall” than vanilla pumpkin? Unless, of course, we’re talking about pumpkin spice.

The Vanilla Pumpkin line is delightfully more on the vanilla side, with a subtle spice of pumpkin pie about it. I have been using it since it arrived about a week ago, and am delighted by the way the scent clings and changes throughout the day. In the morning, I find myself smelling like a heady vanilla-pumpkin dessert, and by the end of the day there remains a wonderful scent of sugar cookies.  Reminiscing on Autumn |

Fall, to me, has always meant the warm scent of baking permeating the house as the rain falls outside. It brings the memory of crisp leaves that give off a grassy aroma as they crunch beneath my feet. Fall is the heady scent of woodsmoke floating through the air, and the piney flavor of the trees that always surround us. It’s the earthiness of rotting bark that gives way easily as you clamber over fallen trees, so lush you can nearly taste it.

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The Retro Baker feat. Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop sent me a dress of my choice for review. All opinions are my own.

Lindy Bop has long been one of my favorite brands. With their quirky prints, classic cuts, and affordable prices — not to mention fantastic sales — I most often find myself turning to their website when I want to spice up my wardrobe with a new piece. I bought the Dorothy dress as my official “photography” dress for weddings when I need to look a little more professional, the Saphy Retro TV dress because… well, my husband is an aspiring filmmaker and I love old films, and this beautiful floral number that I don’t know the name of which is one of my go-to house dresses for its comfort and stretch. And I can’t forget the darling Boutique skirt, or my most recent purchase, this gorgeous plaid skirt with pockets which has yet to make it to the blog.

So a collaboration, to me, is a completely natural and fitting decision. And given my housewife tendencies, which have of late included retro recipes, choosing this darling vintage baking bookshelf themed dress was a no-brainer. With its shirtwaist style (with working buttons!), pockets, and retro bookshelf full of mixers, treats, cookbooks, and teacups, it immediately stood out to me as something that would fit well in my life and represent something I love: vintage books, and baking!

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