Where I’ve been, this blog, the Future

I just realized yesterday that it has been exactly one month since I posted a blog post.

In that time, the contest I posted about has obviously ended (I did not win, and it’s ok!), and a few less-than-pleasant things happened, but also some great things. First of all, I cracked the screen of my phone and have yet to get it fixed. This is a mere annoyance, but if affects how much I use my phone.

Second, and greater, my computer randomly finally decided to die. I had been expecting it for a while, as the screen was partly falling off and had to be held on with a clip, and the battery did not hold any charge at all. But it went suddenly and quietly, while I was in another room. My nephew valiantly made all sorts of efforts (and is still making efforts) to regain use of the computer. In the process he was able to save about 1/8th of the photos I had stored on my computer. But as of right now, most of the photos I have taken in the last 5 years may have been permanently lost. All of my kids’ lives in photographs, every photoshoot I’ve done from 2013 to  now, every blog photo set, all my videos, everything except, for some reason, iphone photos and a few random DSLR photos throughout… gone.

This is still honestly kicking me in the gut. I have a somewhat fuzzy long term memory, and while I CAN remember things, having photos of events and little moments and random times greatly assists in my remembering what things were like. Thankfully, over the years I uploaded a lot of my photos to Facebook albums, to my blog, to Instagram, etc. So, while I’ve lost the bulk of photos I’ve taken of my kids and our lives, the best ones I likely shared on social media and are up somewhere, even if only privately.

Through this I’ve learned two great lessons: one, buy an external hard drive to store second copies of EVERYTHING. And two, Amazon Prime offers free, unlimited photo storage. I wish I had known this a year ago, I would have taken advantage immediately. But, now I know, and now I will use it copiously.

The good things, though, are that someone in my life was kind enough to give me a really fantastic used laptop and a printer! I have wanted a new laptop and a printer for a year or two, but those two things are considered nonessential things for us. So, we never saved the money to get them. Then, with the reopening of  my Etsy shop I realized that having a printer would make shipping things out SO much easier (print, tape to package, put in mailbox!) and for the most part completely remove the need to go to the post office. Which, when you have only one car and two toddlers, and your husband drives said car to work, makes it hard to ship things quickly.

And, the lack of a working computer has made me focus more on life and given me time to truly evaluate what I want to spend my time doing. For a while, I’m sure you could all tell, I was wondering whether, after nine years of blogging, I should really continue. Mom life takes up a lot of time, which is obvious. I went back and forth between wanting to do elaborate photoshoots, and just wanting to do shoots in my yard. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, what I was doing, what I should post, if I should keep going, when I should post… the list is endless.

But a month gave me lots of time to think, and I now know that I definitely want to continue blogging. I’ve missed it! I miss the daily outfit sharing, and I miss some of the older aspects of my blog, when I first began, that I somehow phased out as I blogged more and more. I won’t announce any changes or new schedules, because I’m not going to set myself up to a standard I can’t keep. But, I am possibly going to be sharing more of home life. Kids, cooking, crafting, who knows what. Whatever my heart fancies. Or maybe none of it, if I try it out and find it’s just too time consuming.

Ultimately this blog had (and has) always been a way for me to just share what I enjoyed most. First, it was writing. Then  for a very short period of time, lifestyle. Then, most permanently, fashion. In the future, whatever I enjoy I want to share here. Likely it will be dominated by fashion posts, because that is what I love and know. But… maybe someday I’ll share vintage recipes, vintage home tips and tricks, writing progress, motherhood, makeup, hair, sewing… the possibilities are endless.

If you’ve been wondering where I’m at and keeping up with me on Facebook and Instagram, thank you. I feel like I have dropped off social media considerably, and I appreciate you for still chatting with me and taking the time to see how I’m doing!

So, until my  next post (which hopefully will not be a month from now, ha!), I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful day!


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Snow White or The Wicked Witch

Last week, one of my friends tagged me in Vintage Life Magazine’s contest to be the October Cover Girl. I didn’t originally think I would do it, but the more I looked at the images the more I thought… maybe I can. Maybe I should. And it put a bug in my head to try. I’ve never modeled or shot for any sort of contest before, so it was entirely new and nerve-wracking, but when I came up with this outfit (with the help of some friends!) I started to get really excited.

I really wanted to capture the essence of Halloween and October without going too overboard or too hard in the direction of the stereotypical pinup/witch/kitschy look. And, I was glad to see that there were no other really fairytale-esque photos, so mine was the first one to really be vintage fairytale. I decided on this gorgeous Hearts and Roses dress and jacket combo because it looks very evil queen to me, and I used the styling to get a little bit of softness from the look.

I think it turned out very Snow White IS the Evil Queen, and I am really, really happy with the photos. Regardless of whether or not I win (and I don’t think I will, not witha ll of the other amazing photos in the contest!) I’m super happy that my friend tagged me and I decided to try. Over the course of hte weekend, somehow my photo has gotten up into 4th place for likes and it blows my mind that it has over 1k likes in less than a week.

I’ve just been staring at the likes and wondering if this is real, if that’s really me, if this is really happening.

I cried just seeing my photo added to the album for votes. I am currently at my heaviest weight, coming out of postpartum depression, and a stay-at-home mom who is, most days, wearing yoga pants covered in sticky little handprints. I have always, always wanted to be able to encourage and empower anyone in any stage of life, at any weight, with any lifestyle, to take the time to care for themselves and just WEAR their dream outfits even though they don’t think they can. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told someone wishes they could wear what I wear, and I just want to say (and often do) “YOU CAN WEAR THIS TOO JUST DO IT.”

Clothing is such a small thing, but it packs a big bang. I don’t expect to win this competition, but if I can at least be in the top five for running, I will be happy. Because then I will feel like I can truly say… if I can get that far, YOU CAN WEAR THE THING. If I, a stay at home mom still struggling with body image and postpartum depression and still fighting to find ways to get dressed every day… if I can do this, you can literally do ANYTHING.

Because you are amazing. You are wonderful. You are strong. You are SO smart. And you are beautiful.

Go get that dream.

Below is the final image I submitted. If you want to vote for me, please do! You can click here and like the photo. Or, vote for any of the other amazing women who have submitted their photos to the contest! Help a deserving retro girl reach her dreams. <3



The Perfect Hat


This past weekend, I went to one of my favorite antique malls and scored several GORGEOUS vintage hats. I have been trying to build up my  hat collection with more hats that I’ll actually wear, and have discovered that I much prefer larger pillbox styles or wide-brimmed hats. I am not too keen on veils, unless they stay out of my face.

This beautiful black and pink floral number is one of the two that just blew me away when I saw them. I grabbed it and held it tight through the entire store!

This hat is definitely THE perfect hat to wear with this LindyBop Boutique Border skirt. I’ve had this skirt sitting in my closet for a little while, and was never quite sure whether I wanted to style it super sweet, with all pink everything, or more toned down. As soon as I found this hat, I knew I wanted to go with black as my main color.  

But of course, being addicted to pattern mixing, I had to choose these glorious White House | Black Market houndstooth heels for a little extra pizzazz. Every once in a while, my local Goodwill has some amazing unworn castoffs, and these heels happened to be my size, brand new, and around six dollars. I haven’t worn them much, as I sort of put them on a shelf and forgot they were there, but you can bet they’ll be my fall staple! I can’t wait to get into a fall color scheme, as you can see by my newly red hair!

Eyre House Vintage

This week I have been incredibly busy not only filming YouTube videos but also reinstating my Etsy shop, under a new name that stays within the Jane Eyre influence of my blog and channel. I’m so excited to reopen my shop! I had been enjoying Instagram, but I found that I just started to neglect the shop on Instagram and I honestly kind of hated having to type it all out on my iPhone. So, I’m steadily working to stock the shop with all of the amazing vintage pieces I’ve found lately and I’m incredibly happy with how it’s looking!

Once I have gotten a good stock up, I’ll have an official grand opening with a little discount to boot, so definitely stay tuned for that.

I hope you have all been having a good week!

Hat, 1950’s vintage | skirt, Lindy Bop | top, thrifted | heels, White House Black Market (some here )




Ten Minute Vintage Hair

Quick Vintage Hairstyles

I’ve been a bit quiet around blogging this week, but if you pop over to my YouTube channel you’ll see I’ve been busy filming a lot of different videos! Today I wanted to share this tutorial I finally put together for one of the easiest vintage hairstyles I know. I use this method all the time, and I always get a million questions asking how I do it, how long it takes, and how it can be so easy. Trust me, once you get the hang of rolling you hair, it takes ten minutes or LESS.

Most recently, I wore this hairstyle to get my nails done. The nail technician did not believe me when I said it took ten minutes, and insisted I must have taken HOURS to do my hair.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and my awkward self trying to figure out how to intro and exit the video.




F is for Fern and Fauna

Put a Wiggle in it

Because I have an 18″ difference between my waist and my hips, I don’t often wear wiggle dresses. Unless there is a good amount of stretch in the skirt of a bodycon dress, most don’t fit both my hips, my waist and my chest all at once. That’s why, when I found this gorgeous Donna Karan floral, I was over the moon to find it fit all three perfectly. It has the perfect amount of stretch, it has a back cutout, the pattern is beautiful, and I could not pass it up!

I’ve always wanted to be a person who could easily wear wiggle dresses, but even at my thinnest my waist-hip difference was 15″, so it’s always been a bit difficult to find a wiggle that fit. Most silhouettes like this only allow for about 10-12″ of difference between the two, which is incredibly frustrating as someone pear shaped who can never hope for an even hourglass figure.

But, in the last few months I have found three great wiggle dresses at Goodwill, so it’s a sign that I should definitely dress in this silhouette more often!

Today, I forgot to think of a character before I wore a color, but incidentally Fauna from Sleeping Beauty wears a fern-green color, so we’ll roll with that. 😉

Dress, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | veil, vintage | necklace, belt, and earrings, gift | bracelet, thrifted