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Owl Love You Forever

  I made an album on Facebook yesterday called “Crazy Thrifted Buys” because yesterday at the thrift store, I bought three things that my husband would undoubtedly roll his eyes at: this vintage 70’s gown(which I adore regardless), this early 60’s shift (which is just random and I couldn’t resist), and the dress I am… Read More Owl Love You Forever


The Ocean Shores

Mr. Owl and I took a vacation to the ocean yesterday; it being Labor Day, he had the day off (a rare occasion!), so we took a much-needed trip away from home. I have been wanting and needing to get away for a while. With all the wedding planning now, vacations are even more appreciated!… Read More The Ocean Shores


Farm Girl

I feel very, very farm-girl-esque today. I don’t know what it is about this outfit, but something about it just makes me think of… a farm. Interesting fact about me (maybe, or maybe it’s a boring fact): I grew up on a farm. We didn’t have a lot of animals– just chickens, dogs, cats, and… Read More Farm Girl