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Twanoh State Park

I apologize ahead of time because this is going to be a REALLY photo-heavy post. We took these pictures right before I re-dyed my hair, and I was too impatient (as always) to share them before I shared my new haircolor. I had nearly forgotten about them! But I was sick yesterday, and I’m lazy… Read More Twanoh State Park

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A Farewell to Arms

Yesterday morning was probably the last time I will ever nurse Asa. It’s not a decision I made willingly, and I’m incredibly brokenhearted about it. But over the last three months, my milk supply has been dropping steadily, and nothing I tried — lactation tea, lactation cookies, staying hydrated, eating more, nursing more often —… Read More A Farewell to Arms


Poison Ivy

So I am definitely not happy with today’s post, other than the makeup. But then, considering that this character is usually REALLY… uh… slutty… well. It’s the best I could do. Makeup-wise, I took inspiration from this picture, the purple flower in her hair, and… of course, lots of green. I would have loved to… Read More Poison Ivy


Bang Bang

Do you ever have those days where you make a decision that you regret almost before you’ve even made it? Today is one of those days. As if I haven’t already done enough to my hair, I decided I wanted to trim my¬† bangs up a bit, since I’ve decided to give the curling iron… Read More Bang Bang