Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Earlier this year, I was perusing my local Goodwill’s fabric section, as I am very prone to do these days now that I have my own sewing machine and kids + a husband (and myself) to sew for, and I saw this fabric. Is it not the most perfect Christmas fabric you’ve… Read More Christmas Eve



Yesterday I created a reader survey for y’all to help me improve my blog in 2015, and I realized something: I’ve been so focused on wearing a dress every day that I’ve been feeling like I have to always post a dress on my blog every day this December, and I haven’t been getting to… Read More Christmastime


Mush and Slush

Two years ago in the summer, I jokingly prayed “God, I would love a boyfriend for Christmas!” just to have a good excuse to give the flirtatious guys who came through where I worked. To my great surprise, I got one. And a year after that, we got married. And a year after that, I’m… Read More Mush and Slush

Fashion, Pregnancy

Flowers and mustard

There are so many exciting things coming up right now, it’s hard to know what to start with! I’m almost full-term with pregnancy, it’s almost Christmas, I’m almost done with Dressember, it’s almost time for vacation with my in-laws… I can’t believe all of the things happening. We’ll start with Dressember: I forgot to do… Read More Flowers and mustard