Book Review/Inspired Outfit: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

2Collage 2 I meant to do a book review with this outfit, obviously, but I put it off so long that I don’t feel I can accurately review The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate any longer. When I finished the book, I really enjoyed it but I also felt so-so upon closing the last page; it was entertaining and definitely worth a read, but didn’t leave me moved in any one direction.

Which isn’t as helpful when I’m trying to review it; I want a book that captures my emotions and keeps me thinking about it for days afterward — whether it be with love or with sadness. The best books impart lingering emotions, I think. 4 The best I can give you is a little synopsis of the characters.

Calpurnia Tate is a girl growing up in a household of boys, who realizes as the year passes that she is expected to essentially become her mother — a woman tasked with the endless job of caring for a house. Day in and day out, her mother’s jobs are never done. But Calpurnia, having befriended her Grandaddy (an eccentric gentleman obsessed with science and creating alcohol from pecans (or walnuts…?)), has had her mind opened to the world and all of its possibilities, and she becomes dissatisfied with what is expected of her. She wants to be more than just a housewife. 5 14 So, she balks at her duties and runs off with Grandaddy every day to discover the world around her, and is scolded for her negligence when she comes home. Her mind expands and her character grows as the book progresses until by the end, she begins to entertain thoughts of going to college. Which is basically where it ends.

It’s a fairly simple premise, but the characters themselves fill it with interest and hilarity, and I really enjoyed Calpurnia’s journey from a naive young girl to a young lady thirsting for more and more knowledge. 69 I’ve been realizing as I read more and more books… I really do judge a book by its cover. Perhaps it’s the artist in me, but if a book has a horrible cover, I am less inclined to read it. I will obviously give the first few chapters a go, but I’m much more drawn to good covers, like this one. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing!

So, you know. I like this book for its cover, too. Does anyone else really hate how the trend now is to put actors on the covers of books their movies are based on now? That is my biggest cover pet peeve. Ugh.

8 Collage 1 So this brooch was made and sent to me by Courtney, aka Some Call me Q (Instagram, blog) some time ago, and I JUST remembered that I had it! I’ve worn in a few times, but I feel as though I only wear pins in the fall and winter. I really love how unique this is; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brooch made out of zippers before.

But the fact that it was made by an internet friend for me makes me love it SO much more than my other brooches (hopefully they don’t get jealous.) So, thank you Courtney!

And also, she’s having a baby. Which is awesome. 7Dress, thrifted | cardigan, Target | tights, Nordstrom rack | shoes, Modcloth

(Above, cue me cracking up because I can’t take myself faking reading a book.)

Well, this is my last outfit post of the year! What a crazy thought; I can’t remember which Dressember day this was, hence no banner, but if you still want to donate please do. I’m not sure if I’ll be participating next year, but I will definitely be supporting others in their Dressember campaigns. And I’m so sorry I never did a roundup of my favorite Dressember posts! I’ve been stalking all of you who have said you’ve been doing it, but I’m really… a procrastinator. Leave your favorite Dressember post in the comments (of your own) so we can all see how wonderfully this cause is supported! (Or, in the case of Skye, your favorite un-Dressember post.)

Happy Monday!


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What Would a Hobbit Wear?

What Would a Hobbit Wear?  | www.eccentricowl.comDressember DaysWhat Would a Hobbit Wear?  |  It’s finally Hobbit day! Today is kind of feeling bittersweet for me; I am so excited to go see The Battle of Five Armies, but I really, really don’t want Middle Earth to end. And it hit me the other day that this is probably the very last Tolkien movie to come out. At least, for a long, long time. My husband has said that the Tolkien estates won’t sell the rights to any of his other works, so… as far as we know, this is it.

And I’m sad. But, you know, I would be happier if someone decided to make a trilogy (or… double trilogy) of Gormenghast. I love the TV miniseries they did, but MAN there is so much in the books that isn’t in the miniseries!What Would a Hobbit Wear?  | www.eccentricowl.comWhat Would a Hobbit Wear?  | Since we never got to dress as Hobbits or Elves for any of the movies, I decided the next best thing would be this dress. It’s always been a very Hobbit dress to me because of the bright colors and the patterns. The trees remind me of Middle Earth trees, and I think if a Hobbit came to modern times in this world, this would probably be a dress she’d wear.

My only problem styling it for winter is that I don’t really like the way my yellow cardigan looks with it, and I don’t have any others that I’d like to pair with the dress. So I figured that a modern-day Hobbit would also be very farmy (obviously) and that this plaid shirt, which reminds me of a farm girl, would work instead. What Would a Hobbit Wear?  | What Would a Hobbit Wear?  | And you guys, I have been trying REALLY hard not to keep repeating the same two pairs of shoes with every outfit… but these boots (worn here, here, here, and here) go with everything. Same for the yellow T-strap wedges (here, here, here, here, here, and here… and in one outfit I haven’t even posted yet ). They hold up well, they’re waterproof, they’re comfortable, and they match every single thing in my closet.

And I originally had different shoes on, less practical ones, but I’m going adventuring with a friend today, so… boots it is. I really need to amp up my practical shoe game.What Would a Hobbit Wear?  | www.eccentricowl.comShirt, thrifted | dress, Romy | tights, Target | boots, JC Penney | necklace, gift from husband | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I am hoping sometime today after our adventures to make Mr. Owl and myself some Christmas stockings, because we can’t find ours from last year… and… we can’t afford to buy new ones. This Christmas really is the Christmas of handmade everything. I kind of love it, actually!

Happy Wednesday!

(Why the heck do movies premier in the middle of the week???)

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Cheshire Garden

Cheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comDressember DaysCheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comToday, my brain has gone blank. I feel that sort of cloud-induced grogginess that one feels when the weather is overcast, the house is very warm, there’s been a good amount of food, and everything is quiet. Asa and I just got back from a baby play place with one of my friends and her baby, and the activities has worn both of us out!

That, and the fact that he got his very first fat lip this morning while standing up to the coffee table in order to get food. Only his foot slipped on a toy, and instead of a good mouthful of banana, he got a bite of the table and his own lip. There was a lot of blood, since his teeth took chunks from the inside of his lip and the table took a slice from the outside of his lip, but he only cried for about a minute.  Cheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comCheshire Garden | In true little boy fashion, after crying a bit and telling me in his worried voice all about it (which he frequently does after a bump/scare), he was ready to get down and play. Thankfully, I am not a worrier; I did call my mom right away because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a little boy who’d just bit it for the first time (baby Tylenol? Ice?) and I initially thought that he’d bitten through his lip. But, he hadn’t, and after checking his mouth to be sure he hadn’t broken or jarred any teeth, we both relaxed a bit. And I may have started laughing at him.  Cheshire Garden |  I’ve realized that laughing in the face of a scare is becoming my go-to emotion. It’s either laugh or cry these days, and I’d much rather laugh! My husband and I agreed that we should probably never attend a funeral together, because we are the people who will begin laughing at the most inappropriate times, and then not be able to quit laughing.

I remember one time in church, we were sitting behind a row that was taken up by a family who had six kids. The youngest of their boys, who was probably about four or five at the time, announced quietly enough that he needed to use the restroom. He was let out, and he toddled off to get his business done… but five minutes later he was back, doing a dance, and announced a little bit more loudly something like “I can’t poop all by myself!”

Cheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comCheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comCheshire Garden | And of course, this was right before prayer. So there we stood, trying and failing miserably not to completely lose it while everyone else was behaving and being utterly quiet. Yeah. We’re adults.

I hope we never lose our senses of humor. The other day as we were browsing Target, I saw that someone had rearranged some letter ornaments to spell “FART” right above the display of snowflakes and beside the Santa and Snowman figurines. And like the grown-up that I am, I giggled and then I Instagrammed it. I blame my brothers and my husband for my growing appreciation for toilet humor.  Cheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comI know. My hair is three different colors right now. I’m having a hard time deciding which color to go with. So we’ll pretend I meant to have it look like upside-down fire on coals.  Cheshire Garden | So I am not usually one to wear the buttoned-up-to-the-neck styles, but today while I was trying to figure out how to winterize this dress a little bit, I decided that my Alice in Wonderland shirt would work quite nicely as an over layer. I had the collar of the dress unbuttoned, but somehow it just doesn’t work quite as well. And surprisingly, because I don’t like the look of super-covered necks usually, I like the way it works.

Also, this dress is my favorite ever. I’ve started to realize lately that my favorite florals are bright flowers on a dark or black background. I’m not as fond of white/light dresses with flowers on them, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps I just like the drama of a black dress with bright flowers on it. At any rate, this dress combines quite a few of my favorite colors, and I LOVE the way it looks with these tights and shoes!Cheshire Garden | www.eccentricowl.comVintage dress and belt, thrifted | Target tights | Modcloth wedges | Alice in Wonderland shirt c/o Choies | glasses c/o Firmoo

If you notice that I’m not wearing my wedding ring in these pictures, don’t worry. I just forgot to put it back on last night after I washed the dishes, and somehow spaced out about putting it on (all day; I still don’t have it on) this morning. It’s funny how you get so used to wearing a ring that suddenly when you don’t have it, you can feel its absence! Currently I have another ring in its place.

Can you believe December is half over already? As the year is coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about maybe starting off my blog in the new year with a slightly different schedule and more than just fashion. I don’t know, though; part of me really loves doing daily fashion with weekend baby pictures, but the other part of me wants to get more into lifestyle-type posts. It’s hard for me to do lifestyle posts, though, because we live in a house that isn’t ours, and doesn’t reflect my style at all, and has kind of bad lighting.

And I promise you I haven’t forgotten about making videos — I had polled Facebook for an idea of what types of videos you guys want to see most, and all two (yay) comments said makeup/hair. However, I filmed a video and had a TON of issues cutting it together and getting it exported, and eventually got sick of looking at myself, so… we’ll try again in the new year. Let me know if there’s a particular subject (makeup, hair, rambling, writing, mom stuff, outfit video, thrift hauls, whatever) you’re most interested in and I’ll try my best to figure out the whole video thing and get something going.

I hope you’re all having a good week so far! I’m off to start some laundry and then maybe take a nap.

Happy Tuesday!

(P.S. I have yesterday’s dress all ready to go, but it’s a book review outfit and I didn’t feel like doing a book review today, so it’s going to go up somewhere out of order.)

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Owl Always Love You

Owl Always Love You | www.eccentricowl.comDressember DaysOwl Always Love You | Whenever my husband takes pictures with me, I inevitably get silly and forget how to pose. I think that even though I’ve been blogging for somewhere around four years now (well, fashion blogging; I blogged about other things long before that), I still feel awkward when people I know in real life know about it. Or talk to me about it. Or ask how many followers I have (no idea, honestly! I rarely look) or whether something I’m wearing is from a sponsor, or make a big deal out of a package I’ve gotten from someone because of blogging…

Owl Always Love You | www.eccentricowl.comOwl Always Love You | It just feels odd. I think because my online presence — writing, blogging, youtube-ing — had been my little secret for years, and nobody outside of my parents and siblings had really known about my blog. And then I got brave and started posting outfit pictures to a personal Facebook album, and then people started telling me I should have a fashion blog and I had to respond “well… I already do…” and now everyone knows. But for quite a while, it was just my thing.

Owl Always Love You | I was shy to tell other people, because I’ve always felt  like an outsider a little bit. We moved around a lot when I was young, and I feel as though I grew up away from the social cliques that had formed by the time I moved back at thirteen. I was at the cusp of being aware that I did not really fit the mold of the people around me. I felt awkward and I talked too much; I was curvier than my friends;  I had chubby cheeks and small lips; I liked to act out scenes from my head in the woods, and write out stories that I was sure nobody would ever read. I didn’t care about cute boys or swoon over Orlando Bloom. I cared about Lord of the Rings and Gormenghast, library trips and climbing trees, and pretending to be a princess who could take care of herself or a weird pirate whose skin was green.

I only ever had a few close friends. I wasn’t like the other girls, who had their circle of friends, who linked arms in pictures and laughed with each other in their groups. And while I loved them, and still do, I just wasn’t… in. Owl Always Love You | Owl Always Love You | And then I found this world of other girls like me online, who blogged about their lives and fashion and it didn’t matter what size they were or whether they had the perfect features or an immaculate life or a million friends; they were beautiful and fun and I’d finally found a place where I had a niche. But to tell people in real life about it? That was scary. I thought people would find my posing and posting my outfits to be vain, or weird, or stupid.

I’m still getting over that. People ask me to tell them about blogging, or to give them advice, or just in general what it’s all about, and I trip over myself. I don’t see myself as being a proficient or professional blogger. I’m just… me. I take pictures of my outfits because it’s fun and it’s part of creating beautiful things as an artist, and I write about my life because it’s my way of keeping a journal. Owl Always Love You | It still amazes me that companies or Etsy shop owners out there think that this thing I do is good enough to want to work with me. Not because I have some idea that my blog is just horrible, but because I never thought I’d be in a place where people were that interested. It’s crazy how far this blog has come in the last four years. It’s crazy how many people online and in my personal life are genuinely interested in what I wear and post and talk about.  Owl Always Love You | Because I’m just me. A girl who grew up on a farm and lives in the country, who does not possess a perfect figure or face, who lives a mundane (but beautiful) life with her husband and admittedly internet-worthy baby in a house they don’t even own. Every moment of my life is not photo-perfect. I don’t wear designer clothes. I don’t have amazing adventures.  Owl Always Love You | And perhaps that is part of the fascination of it: the voyeurism of peering into another person’s mundane, normal, beautiful, everyday moments. Of seeing how another person lives their life, as simple as it may be. Those are certainly  my favorite blogs to read.  Owl Always Love You | Owl Always Love You | So, thank you for reading about me and my life. Thank you for liking this blog, what I wear, what I say, whatever it is I do. I’ve grown so much as a person because of all of you, friends that I know because of this blog, all of whom I so wish I could meet someday! I’ve grown in confidence, in conviction, in ability… all because you support this blog with your comments and emails and clicks and love. You guys truly are wonderful!Owl Always Love You | www.eccentricowl.comDress c/o Oasap | boots, JC Penney | tights, Target | scarf, husband-made | brooch, gift | glasses c/o Firmoo

And I have no good transition into this but I wanted to share it: we finally got our Christmas tree yesterday, and Asa was pretty excited.I posted a short clip on Instagram, but I also took a video with my computer as we were setting it up.

He thinks it’s pretty great. I can already see we’re going to have a hard time keeping him from it! But y’know. It’s cute, so… oh well.

P.S. This outfit was from Saturday. And my hair is starting to fade and look like fire. I should probably fix it.

Happy Monday!

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It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like…

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | www.eccentricowl.comDressember DaysIt's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... |

I’m feeling much better about today’s outfit! I wanted to wear something very Christmassy because we’re going to get our Christmas tree and Gingerbread ingredients today, but I don’t have a lot of green in my closet. At the last minute, I spotted this scarf I’ve just gotten from Oasap, and voila! The perfect finishing touch.

And in a brilliant shot of inspiration, I decided to cut some live greenery and pin a few evergreen branches to my head for a nice wintery crown. It all went well until I picked up one that had a suspicious hanging little speck on it. Before I could pull it away from my head, I realized that suddenly, there was a spider in my hair. The worst thing, though? I swiped at it in a panic, and I don’t know where it went. So I could still have a spider on my person. It’s not a comforting thought. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | www.eccentricowl.comIt's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | I suppose it’s worth the prettiness of the evergreen crown, though!

Today I am excited to share the newest addition to my jewelry wardrobe with you: this gorgeous Anjolee bridal set ring. It’s made to add to your wedding ring, but can also be worn solo it’s so pretty!

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | I really love wearing rings, but I’m quite particular about how they look, and it’s always hard for me to find things that are delicate enough to wear on my ring-finger hand. When Anjolee contacted me to do a review and offered up this one for me to choose, I knew it would be the perfect addition! It’s a great match for my wedding ring, and is now the only other piece of jewelry I wear daily! I love that it goes well on my ring hand or my other hand, and it’s so pretty and delicate!

Anjolee is such a great place to look if you’re ring-searching; they are highly customizable, and you can even design your own jewelry! Plus,w hat girl doesn’t like a little sparkle! Aside from rings, they also have earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. There’s so much to choose from!

Plus, their shipping is super fast! I think I got the ring about three or four days after I got the notification that it had shipped. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | www.eccentricowl.comIt's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | Today, we are going to finally get our Christmas tree, and also get ingredients to make Gingerbread. I’m SO excited; I wasn’t sure if we would be getting a tree this year, since we’re house-sitting and we have nothing with us, but I think I’m going to try to DIY some Christmas ornaments, and we’re going to pop and string popcorn on the tree. It’ll be super simple this year, but that’s okay! This year is the year of everything handmade.  It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | www.eccentricowl.comIt's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | I was feeling a little bit sad for us since it’s Asa’s first Christmas, and I wanted to make it super special but since I quit my job we’re a lot poorer (in the bank account)… but then I realized it’s still going to be fun. Actually, I’m having more fun this Christmas so far than I have in a while, and I think it’s because I have to get more creative and because we have to make everything. My heart is going into the things I’m doing this year much more than other years where I’ve had money to spare and just bought everything instead of getting creative.

So, armed with some cardboard, yarn, popcorn, paint, fabric, and glitter… I’ll see what I can do. We might buy a small thing of glass bulbs just to add a little more substance to the decor on the tree, but I’m going to try to make as many ornaments by hand as I can, with what I have laying around at this house! It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | And I’m actually pretty excited about it!

Are you DIY-ing anything this year? It’s funny because on at least three blogs, if not more, I’ve seen the whole brown paper+ribbon/yarn/twine/whatever for wrapping paper this year, and I totally did that last year. You guys, I am so ahead of the trends. Haha!It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like... | www.eccentricowl.comThrifted dress and belt | Target tights and cardigan | brooch and scarf c/o Oasap | Modcloth shoes | circle ring c/o Anjolee | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! I haven’t felt Christmassy yet, but I think it’s because we have no tree. I’m so excited to get started with more decorating once the tree is here!

Happy Friday!

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