A Wanderer’s Heart

Every once in a while, I wear an outfit that evokes a certain feeling to me, and I begin a story narrative in my head. It’s not always a complete narrative, but more an emotion or a look that gets me started on the tangent of the imaginary character by whom my clothes might be… Read More A Wanderer’s Heart


Perfectly Plaid

With the breakout of fall there always comes a rash of bloggers gushing over how much they love fall in all of its fall-ness. The Starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latte-loving, scarf-piling, crisp-orange-leaf-day-adoring, will-make-everything-out-of-pumpkins-imaginable bloggers. And, just as opposite but equally emerging are those who protest the former. Who don’t like Starbucks, who live in a climate that doesn’t have… Read More Perfectly Plaid

30 Day Challenges, Fashion

Lazy Mode

Mondays are for no makeup, running errands, cozy sweaters, and Christmassy scarves. Asa is teething so hard his gums at one impending tooth are actually black and blue! Poor little guy. But he’s happy enough, and he’s ready for a nap, so this post will be short! I’m not usually one for wearing a chunky,… Read More Lazy Mode

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The Woodcutter

Today’s outfit was NOT inspired by this book. But as I was walking out the door, I spotted the book and thought “Oh hey, we match!” so we’ll pretend it was intentional. Really, I just wanted to wear this fantastic cape thing from my darling friend Sarah’s late grandma — she’s the same person who… Read More The Woodcutter


The Nerdy Owl

There are several things about today that make me incredibly happy. First, this dress. It has owls and bunnies and roses all over it, which are a few of my favorite things; it’s yellow, which is swiftly becoming my favorite color, and I am pretty sure that it will be working with me through every… Read More The Nerdy Owl