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Wishing For…

 You guys, I want fall to come SO BAD. It’s September. That means tights, scarves, tall boots, and hot tea, right? I want cool mornings, and snuggly evenings, and misty days filled with orange leaves. But the only “fall” thing that has happened so far is the spiders. My least favorite thing about fall. They’re… Read More Wishing For…


Wandering the corn

According to Mr. Owl, I looked too much like Christmas in this outfit because of the red and green in/general plaid-ness of the skirt. And now that I think about it, this is sort of a Christmass-y outfit, stars and all. But I have discovered that my wardrobe does not cover all four seasons. I’m… Read More Wandering the corn



I love fall. It is made for dancing outdoors in impractical shoes while throwing leaves at the camera. 😀 And for wearing colorful tights.