30 Day Challenges, Fashion


I have been waiting and waiting to debut this vintage 60’s faux fur coat for quite a while. My friend Sarah gave it to me along with these two vest/cape/whatever things from her grandmother’s closet, and I adore it. But it takes a little bit of bravery (for me) to sport a coat with this… Read More Glamour


Let It Snow…

Oh my goodness, you guys!!! SNOW. (Okay, so that’s obvious.) I know in some parts of the world people get snow all the time and therefore hate it, but in my part of the world… winter = rain, or clouds, or just misery. Rarely snow. I think last year we got a smattering of snow… Read More Let It Snow…


The End of Summer

Lately I have been thinking about restructuring¬† my blog, both posts and design and content. Now that I’ve sort of finally settled into a life routine, I would love to start scheduling posts and get a blog routine going, too. If you hadn’t noticed, there haven’t been many outfit posts lately because… well lots of… Read More The End of Summer