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    Dandelion Fluff

    This, my friends, is what our yard looks like right now. Isn’t it beautiful? And also, shameful? Ha! My husband is incredibly allergic to grass, so he attempted to mow down the beast our yard has become but after a few rounds on the mower, he came inside with red eyes, a runny nose, and terrible reactions to the grassy pollen. I could hop on the mower and try, but it’s a sad little mower with one dull blade that cuts like a two-year-old self-trimming with blunt scissors, so… I’m going to wait and see if I can convince my mom to come over with her awesome mower and do…

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    Flower girl

    I have been feeling a lot more relaxed about posting lately; in my desire to post every day of the week for consistency, I ignored the fact that sometimes, I wasn’t too hot on the location with the outfit, or didn’t really like how the outfit looked on camera, or I hadn’t taken the time that day to really think about how my styling worked together. Plus, with Mr.  Owl and I both working, sometimes neither of us actually feels like taking pictures. So I have decided that rather than post five days a week for constant and consistent content (alliteration, much?) I will only be posting when 1. I…

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    My cousins came over yesterday. We went out and picked bunches of the blackberry blooms, random grasses, branches from trees that had pretty leaves, ferns, one or two sprigs of honeysuckle (smells divine!), and all of the pretty weeds we could find, and put them in my room. I broke my biggest jar and cut my finger rather deeply, but it was still fun. I LOVE having flowers in my room! And thankfully, my cat does not attempt to eat them. Mara

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    Springy Flowers

    We have the most beautiful Dogwood tree in front of our house, and it’s pink! (my background happens to be a picture of its flowers). I don’t ever want it to stop blooming. (^That one is my current background.^) Isn’t it gorgeous? I know. I got a little carried away with taking pictures of it. But… but… pink! Flowers! And that day was really sunny, too. Also, we have a lavender bush/tree that I forgot to take pictures of. It’s not blooming any more. Here’s the only photo of it I have (from my phone.) AND… we have tulips. I love spring. Mara

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    Spring is Here!

    After playing with Tumblr for a while, I decided that I still like WordPress’ picture displays. My Tumblr blog will be solely used for video uploads, and the random quotes I find and like. 🙂 Anyway. Spring has finally arrived! I have proof: This is the cherry tree in my back yard. It’s SO beautiful! Okay. Going back outside to pick some flowers. And maybe let my paper-white skin soak in a little sun. I’m pale enough to blind people in direct sunlight! Mara