100 Happy Days

I got to take pictures of my cousin’s adorable baby girl again on Easter; doesn’t she make the cutest bunny ever? Ah! I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge, and today is my second day. Photography definitely makes me happy; I spent a lot of Easter day photographing family — my parents, my brother’s… Read More 100 Happy Days

Baby and Parenthood

Two Months

Somebody hit two months today! Motherhood thus far has been much like pregnancy was: not nearly as hard or scary or terrible as everyone says it is. We heard from countless people that having a baby would completely change our lives… but it feels normal. Except for the waking up every three or four hours… Read More Two Months

Baby and Parenthood


This is how much Asa cared about the Super Bowl, even with his home team playing. ūüėČ Happy Tuesday! bloglovin¬†|¬†chictopia¬†|¬†facebook¬†|¬†twitter¬†|¬†pinterest¬†|¬†Instagram¬†|¬†Fiction Press