Christmas Cocktail Party: Get Ready With Me!

First of all, please take this survey as I am striving to improve the blog in the new year and would love to know what you’d like to see more of, what you think could improve, and any other feedback you might have!Christmas Cocktail Party | I gotta warn you guys, today’s post is going to be very photo-heavy. But since there are only a few days until Christmas, I thought I’d do at least one Christmas-themed outfit/makeup post.

A few weekends ago, one of our friends hosted a Christmas party that was Cocktail-dress required, and I didn’t realize that until we were almost to the party. So I didn’t get to go full cocktail; my husband and I ran to Target on the way and grabbed the maroon peplum dress I’m wearing in this post and some silver flats, and I had to make do with a few bobby pins I found in my purse… and that was it. I actually changed in the car. Yeah. That really happens.

So today I thought I’d do the outfit proper, with what I would have looked like if I had realized beforehand that it was a cocktail party. I shot a photo tutorial for some fun makeup, showed you how I did a quick and easy holiday hairstyle, AND photographed my outfit, all for one post.

Ready? Yes? Yay!

First up, makeup. We’ll call this look Sugarplums Dancing. Because you’ll see why. As always, begin with a clean, moisturized face. I’ll admit I slept in my makeup last night and only washed it off right before this picture, but uh… pretend I woke up with a fresh face, ok?Christmas Cocktail Party | Apply your regular routine of foundation, blush, and powder, applying a bit of extra powder beneath your eyes as this will make it easier to brush away any falldown eyeshadow later.  Christmas Cocktail Party | I prefer to do my brows before I apply eyeshadow, but this is because I use the same brush for dark liner shadows as I do for my brows, so… if you’re lazy about changing brushes like me, fill in your brows as you please.  Christmas Cocktail Party | Next, taking a shimmery shadow that is a few shades lighter than your skin, apply it to your browbone and the inner corner of your eye to catch all that light from the Christmas tree. Then with a light gold shadow, cover your lid from your lash line to just above your crease. Use the same gold shadow all the way beneath your lower lash line. Christmas Cocktail Party | Taking a dark plum shadow (and now you see where the makeup name came from), create a vee shape from mid-lash line, up and out to the crease, and inwards again. Apply the same shadow on the outer half of your lower lash line.  Christmas Cocktail Party | Christmas Cocktail Party | With a dark brown shadow, deepen the plum color only on the outer edges of your eye, and apply dark brown just at the very outside of your lower lash line. And then, with a darker gold shadow, pop some color on the middle of your lid. Just for fun.  Christmas Cocktail Party | Blend it all because that’s how they say you should. (I’m feeling facetious today, can you tell?)Christmas Cocktail Party | www.eccentricowl.comWith dark brown or black liner, create a cat-eye shape (or whatever liner shape suits you the best. I like cat-eye because it’s a bit retro and universally flattering.) If you like, set the liner with shadow in the same color.  Christmas Cocktail Party | Now for some fun! With a wet shadow brush, grab yourself some straight gold glitter and dab it on wherever you want. I applied it just above the liner line from the inner corner out to where the darker shadow begins.   Christmas Cocktail Party | Curl your lashes, if you need to (I have to because otherwise they hit my glasses.), and add a few layers of mascara. My current favorite is L’oreal Original Voluminous. It’s kind of amazing stuff. Christmas Cocktail Party | Now, with some plummy liner, line your lips to prevent feathered edges, and first apply a plum-colored lipstick, followed by a pinkish-red lipstick. Mixing lip colors adds dimension and also creates custom colors; this made my lips match the dress I’m going to wear.  Christmas Cocktail Party | www.eccentricowl.comNow your face is pretty. (Well, it probably was before. Now it’s… more pretty.)

Next up, the easiest, laziest fancy hairstyle known to woman. Christmas Cocktail Party | www.eccentricowl.comCurl your hair loosely (or as curly as you like, actually). I took pretty large sections of hair and was done in about five minutes because I hate spending hours on my hair. Be sure your hair is parted on one side or the other.

Then, taking a large section on the side that your hair is parted away from, pull your hair straight out from your head and curl it under with your fingers, from halfway down the shaft of your hair. This will create some volume instead of slickly-pulled-back-hair. Pin the rest of your hair on that side up in the back, so that you’ve got all the hair to one side of your head. On the other side, loosely bring your hair back from your face in a small section, and pin it back over the hair that’s already tumbling over your shoulder. And… you’re done.

Get yourself into a pretty holiday outfit, and go party!Christmas Cocktail Party | See more of the outfit after the jump! Continue reading “Christmas Cocktail Party: Get Ready With Me!”

Makeup For Hazel Eyes

I always used to wish that my eyes were full-on green, instead of the brown/green hazel, because so many people just say (and argue) that they’re brown. And while I like brown eyes, I always loved green eyes… so I love wearing makeup that emphasizes the green, especially. So yesterday, as I was browsing makeup looks, I came across one that reminded me I have some gorgeous plum shadow I never use, and… voila! This tutorial was born.1 I also wanted to do a look that leaves my freckles as exposed as possible, so I recently bought some BB cream, and it’s perfect for summer — it’s nice and sheer, but adds just a bit of color so that my face is the same color as my arms (my face doesn’t tan as quickly as the rest of me.) So! Start out with a bare face. I just realized, via youtube, that it is a way better idea to do eye makeup first, and skin makeup later. That way, the fallout is SO much easier to clean off! 2.3.4 With a matte white shadow, highlight your brow bone, and the inner corners of your eyes. Then, work a creamy shimmer shadow into your crease, and deepen the outer corners of your eyes (in the crease and along with lash line) with a medium-brown shadow.  5.6 With e.l.f baked eyeshadow in burnt plum (or a similarly plummy shadow), cover your lid up to the crease, and blend it all with a nice fluffy shadow brush. If you like, you can add a bit more dark brown to increase the smokiness of the look. 7.8 Using the same creamy shadow you put in your crease, add a bit more highlight to the inner corners of your eyes, and draw it underneath your lower lashes.  9 If you are going to do your brows, fill them in now. I generally use the same brush for shadow eyeliner as I do for my eyebrows, so I’m always doing my brows mid-shadow, haha!10.11.12 Next, line your eyes with a bit of a flick at the ends, using a liner like this e.l.f. cream pot liner, or a dark brown liner pencil. (For my skin tone and eye color, I think browns are much more flattering than stark black, but if you want more drama, use black!) Set the liner with dark brown shadow, and draw that same shadow under the outer corners of your lower lashes.  13.14 Next is skin! I use L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Liquid BB Cream in light, which comes out white and magically turns color as you rub it in. I really like it, but it is a bit darker than my natural skin color. In the winter, that’d be a problem, but since it’s summer, it’s nice because it darkens my face to be the same color as the rest of me. You just have to be sure that if you use a BB cream like this, you blend really well into your skin and down your neck to ensure that you have no awkward lines. And a note, if you moisturize before using this product, be sure to wait and let your moisturizer settle in for 10-15 minutes, or the color of the BB cream as it reacts with your skin will be uneven.

As you’re putting on your foundation or BB cream or whatever you prefer to use, you can clean up the edges of your shadow a bit. 15.16 17 Instead of blush, I used a light bronzer to contour under my cheekbones, a little bit on my cheeks for color, around my hairline, under my jaw, and a teeny bit over my nose. Be sure to buff this in really well, so that it looks natural.

Then, add your mascara, pop on some sheer nude lipstick, and you’re done!

18 20

I really, really love this makeup. I think it’s my new favorite look for summer, seriously! It’s so easy, and good enough to go from day to night without much work, and it really enhances greens in your eyes. This would be beautiful on brown eyes, too!21 22

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!

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How to: Authentic 1920’s Flapper Makeup

How to: Authentic 1920's Flapper Makeup | www.eccentricowl.comI have linked the exact products I used, or similar ones, throughout this blog post. If you click and purchase these, I get a commission, which helps keep up this blog! So thank you!

Recently, I came across a video collaboration between a few youtubers who are doing a “makeup through the ages” project, where they all chose an era from which to do a makeup look, from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. And while I loved a few of them, there were some others that I wasn’t impressed by. So I decided… why not try myself?

First up, we have the 1920’s, and this was one that really… I’m not super impressed with any 1920’s makeup looks I’ve seen around the internet. Most of the “flapper” looks tend to get the basic cupid’s bow lips and smokey eyes down, but in all the wrong shapes. I had so much fun creating a more authentic 1920’s look!How to: Authentic 1920's Flapper Makeup |

I took inspiration from the makeup ads of the era, and was surprised to find there was a lot more color in the shadows than I had expected! You tend to think of a flapper as black smokey eyeshadow only, but I found a lot of greens and golds and blues in the shadow as well.

So let’s go! Continue reading “How to: Authentic 1920’s Flapper Makeup”

Makeup Tutorial: St. Patrick’s Day!


I don’t know why I don’t use colorful makeup on a more regular basis, but lately I have realized that, while I do tend to be a more natural-look kind of girl, bright eyeshadow looks are something I really enjoy wearing and creating! Plus, I’ve discovered that so long as there’s no super dark liner/black shadow, my husband likes these looks as well. I used to think he didn’t like crazy  makeup. Turns out, he just doesn’t like super dark makeup.Which is fine by me.

So today, since it’s St. Patrick’s day and I have no outfits to share, I thought I’d do a fun, bright green eyeshadow look! I am part Irish, after all. Well… less than 1/16th… but who cares?  (And I know, it’s almost the end of the day by now, but hey… you can rock this for an after-work party, right?)

For this look, I am using shadows entirely from the holiday eyeshadow palette from e.l.f. But if you can’t get that, just grab a few different shades of green shadows, one pale shimmer that compliments your skin tone, and a yellow shade (if you’re brave!). You’ll also need brown liner, white liner, and a nude lipcolor. And mascara. Of course. (Tip: I used to have a really hard time picking out eyeshadows that looked good on my face until I realized I can wear the same colors on my eyes that I can on my body. So, boggled by what color of shadow you should choose? Ignore your eye and hair color — just look at the colors of your clothes, and match those!)

Let’s get started!

1Begin with your usual foundation, concealer, and blush routine. If you’re afraid to have too much color in too many places, feel free to forgo your blush, or apply it lightly. I have naturally very pink cheeks, so I apply my blush to be quite bright, to match my natural complexion.

2-3With a pale white or nude shadow (a few shades lighter than your skin tone, and on the white or silvery side) highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes.


With the darkest of your green shadows, create a sideways from the middle of your eyelid, out to about where the tips of your eyelashes seem to stop when your eyes are open looking straight, and back into your crease. Don’t worry if this looks messy; you’ll fix it later. With your medium green shadow, press into the middle of your eyelid straight up and down.


It should look like that. 7-9

Taking the same medium green shadow, line the outer 2/3rds of your lower lash line. Next, take some yellow shadow (this, you can skip if you don’t think it’ll work on you) and press between the medium green shadow and the white shadow on your eyelid. Line the inner corner of your lower lash line as well.


Take a moment with a nice fluffy brush to blend the line across your crease as well as all the shadows on your lid. Then, going back in with your darkest green shadow, line the outer third of your lower lashes and create a nice smooth line from there to the outermost corner of the green shadow. Gently press dark green shadow into your crease all the way down to the inner corner of your eye. (This will create a sort of retro feel to the makeup, which I love!)13-14Liner time! Using a dark brown eyeliner (liquid, gel, or pencil, it doesn’t matter!), add a thin line right into your upper lashes, flicking outward at the corners of your eyes. With a white or cream eyeliner, line your waterline. (It looks scary, but it doesn’t hurt and it’ll prevent the whites of your eyes from going yellow like mine do with this shadow color.)

15-16Add mascara and a light pink or nude lipcolor or a shimmery lipgloss, and you’re done! (I a color similar to this in Sugar Frosting because I can’t do full nude)


21 I think this is a super fun look, and the more I play with colorful eyeshadow, the more I want to wear them all the time!  22 23

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Pretty in Pink: Makeup Look


Thank goodness I had time to whip this up yesterday; last night around midnight I started throwing up with the flu. Ugh. So while I’m resting and feeling better, you can try a pretty new makeup look!

When I was typing the name of this tutorial into my computer files, I accidentally typed “Pretty in Oink.” But of course, this is not a Miss Piggy makeup look — although now that I think of it, that sounds kind of fun! — this is merely… a very pink makeup tutorial, for those of you who love ultra-girly looks! I wanted to coordinate the look with these gorgeous hair clips from House to Home by J & S, one of which will soon be in a giveaway!

Plus, I’ve been wanting to do a super soft, pretty look for a while. This look is especially great for green or hazel eyes like mine; it’ll really emphasize the color! So here we go!


Begin with your regular foundation and a light application of blush. I use Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory and Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Pink Frosting


With a shimmery neutral (one or two shades lighter than your skin-tone) shadow, highlight beneath your brow bone, and the inside corners of your eyes. I’m using colors from the makeup palette Mr. Owl got me (here), but here’s a similar shadow color.


Taking a pinkish-plum shadow, cover your lid to slightly above your crease, and out in a vee shape from the corner of your eye. (the darkest one in the lilac palette is a similar color) Grab a dark pink shadow, and press onto the outer third of your eyelid, and beneath the outer third of your lower lashes. I used the dark pink in the party purple palette.


With a shimmery light pink shadow, highlight the inner third of your eyelid (I used the light pink in the party purple palette). Then, with an orangey shadow, press into the middle of your eyelid, and below the inner half of your lower lashes. (the orange in the coral oasis palette is similar)


Take a deep plum shadow just along the outer edge of your lashes and up into your crease. (I used plum). Blend shadows well.


If your shadow has a lot of fallout, like mine did, you’ll need to do a bit of cleanup: brush away the excess shadow with a nice fluffy brush (moving upwards seems to get it off cleaner), and then touch up your foundation lightly.

Using a dark brown mascara, apply a light coat. It helps to wipe your mascara wand on a piece of tissue before applying for a softer, lighter look. (I swear, this mascara is the best ever.)

17 17-18

For a nice gradiated effect, grab a light pink (fuchsia fever) and a medium pink (fuchsia fusion) lipstick. (similar ones linked!) Apply the lighter color first, and then add the darker color only on the outer corners of your lips. With your finger, lightly press and blend the two colors until there are no defining lines between them.

And you’re done!

This is a pretty easy look to achieve, and I love how feminine and soft it is!

24 23

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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