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I have been waiting and waiting to debut this vintage 60’s faux fur coat for quite a while. My friend Sarah gave it to me along with these two vest/cape/whatever things from her grandmother’s closet, and I adore it. But it takes a little bit of bravery (for me) to sport a coat with this… Read More Glamour

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Twanoh State Park

I apologize ahead of time because this is going to be a REALLY photo-heavy post. We took these pictures right before I re-dyed my hair, and I was too impatient (as always) to share them before I shared my new haircolor. I had nearly forgotten about them! But I was sick yesterday, and I’m lazy… Read More Twanoh State Park



Today, the weather is that perfect misty gray that always comes with fall here. It’s the kind of day you want to spend curled up in a chair with a good cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and a fascinating book – which I very much plan to do while my child currently naps. It’s… Read More Bewitching