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    Fairy of the Woods

    I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately (although if you check my Facebook page, I’ve posted a few bits and bobs, but not much), but I’ve been really uninspired to put words to the pictures that I have. I’ve got a camping trip, an outfit post, and a 4th of July day all photographed, but… ah, I don’t know what it is with words lately! On Wednesday, I did a photoshoot with my friend Sarah– isn’t she gorgeous? We had a blast tramping around in the woods, pretending she was a forest fairy (or a Disney Princess– while we were shooting, a fawn came up within ten feet of her…

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    30 Days of Self Portraits: Motherhood

    A Beautiful Mess has challenged their readers to join them in a 30 day self-portrait challenge, and I’ve decided to join in! Since I take all of my own photos anyway, it will be fun to practice my photography skills (especially since I hope to use them professionally!) But the difference between self-portraits and fashion pictures? I think the self-portraits will be more personal; I’d like to try to put something I love into each of them (something I’m passionate about, or what makes me who I am; books, writing, homemaking, motherhood, marriage… etc) instead of focusing on outfits. Plus, I’ll probably be more experimental with my self-portrait shots than…

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    Friday Links

    Weekend Art: Famous paintings recreated using ripped up magazine pages. Weekend Cuteness: Baby elephant… in a raincoat! Who can resist a sleepy kitten? Not me! Baby pandas! On a slide! Weekend Science: A bat with the longest tongue relative to size of any creature in the world. Both gross AND amazing! Tongues are weird. Weekend Giggles: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats. Teehee. Weekend Pretties: Megan got married. And had a beautiful, beautiful wedding Jessica at The Tragic Sense always has the prettiest pictures. Keiko’s Fourth of July outfit is adorable! That’s it for this post. Kinda short, huh? But I’m off to go camping this weekend! What are you all doing? Have…

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    Gathering freckles.

    So I was going to write  a very serious post today that was sparked by something one of my commenters said– a good kind of spark– but today is so beautiful that I can’t be serious. Instead, have some pictures of my day thus far, and I will finish writing that more serious post on a rainy day. I love my home. I love how green it is here. I love how beautiful everything is. Ilove the flowers, and the sunshine, and the fat bumblebees and the twitching hummingbirds. I even love it enough to not mind that grass makes me all itchy and I might just get a sunburn…

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    Why yes, I did stick my cupcake in a tree.

    This might be my official blog post for today, even though I’d planned to do a book review. We’ll see how the day goes. I wanted to show you the finished cupcakes (previewed yesterday). I love them. I’m off to a tea party! To eat cupcakes, and other scrumptious things! Mara Outfit: Day three of the Alphabet of Color challenge. C is for Coral. I broke my rule of no buying clothing pieces until after I’ve lost weight… and bought this at Target instead of a pair of red tights last night. Can you blame me? The COLOR! Teehee. Sunglasses that I did not need. They were just fun.