So this is love…

Brace yourselves for a huge overload of pictures. Because… oh. my. goodness. If I could only ever wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this dress. This dress is perfect. Every woman dreams of having a dress that fits like a glove, is the right color, has the details she… Read More So this is love…



I hope everyone had a great Easter! My day was spent with both sides of the family, taking lots and lots of pictures of everyone; I got to photograph my cousin’s adorable little girl again (first set of pictures here!), and I took pictures of my parents that I can’t wait to share, and a… Read More Easter

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You guys, I am so, so, SO in love with this dress from Shop Vintage Minnie! I’m not going to lie, I wore it for three days straight when I got it in the mail. It’s not only red, which is my favorite color, but it’s got flowers on it, which you all know I’m… Read More Red