Life update

Hi there.

Just a little update; I’ve been sick as a dog for the past five or so days, and I haven’t taken outfit pictures in approximately two weeks. I have, however, been writing. For those of you that have been around forever, I finally moved back to posting on FictionPress, after a long stint of being wary. So if you’re a fan of reading and want to check it out, here’s the prologue for the story I’m currently working on.


He was a typical bad boy. Leather jacket, roughed-up jeans, scuffed boots, and a head of dark hair that fell over his forehead just enough to make her fingers itch to push it back. As she watched him pace the far end of the dim bar, his icy blue eyes met hers and made her heart race with a tense jolt of mixed feelings. Fear, excitement, intrigue, nerves, confusion; her thoughts were one jumbled mess, and she couldn’t make sense of anything.


His gaze dropped back to the floor, and then to the drink in his hand. A few women entered, and gave him an up-and-down pass of admiration, and she felt something else jump into the mix of emotions: jealousy. Which was odd. She didn’t know him. He didn’t know her. The sense of possession that filtered through everything else was growing from far-off attraction, surely, because they had barely spoken two words in this place.


Yet, as she let my attention fade from him to the little diamond sitting on the ring-finger of her left hand, it was clear that they had definitely spoken at length sometime within the past 72 hours. Yes, he was a complete stranger, whose last name she didn’t even know. Yes, she had absolutely no idea where he was from, what he was like, or why they should even know each other. The fog of memory from the past three days was distorted by the alcohol she hadn’t stopped consuming. Every time she had started to feel sober, she’d grabbed another drink. Anything could have happened, and she would remember nothing.


That had been the point. Drink, and forget.


When she had finally woken up sober, scrunched under the covers of a dirty little hotel she didn’t recognize, there had been bottles and cans everywhere. It looked like someone had hosted a twenty-person party. But there was just her in the bed. Just her and a lethal amount of bottles that she hoped she hadn’t emptied all by herself.


And then he came out of the bathroom in nothing but his boxers, looking bleary-eyed and confused, and the amount of relief that she hadn’t consumed all of that alcohol was completely overcome by the blow that there was a man in her room that she didn’t know, who she had probably slept with, who was wearing a wedding ring. Which made her a marriage wrecker, a slut, a hypocrite to her beliefs.


But then she noticed the unfamiliar ring on her own finger, and the slightly crumpled marriage license on the side-table with an unrecognizable scrawl right above her own signature. Judging by his alarmed look as he stared at his hand and then at her, he was experiencing the same amount of shock and bemusement as she was.


And then things got a whole lot more interesting.

You can read the next few chapters  here.


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Valentine’s day outfit inspiration.

I’m still feeling pretty sick, and I have been ordered both by my mother and by Mr. Owl to rest and get well all day. Which means no getting up to put on pretty clothes and do outfit pictures. So instead, I was looking through my old outfits to find some inspiration for what to wear tomorrow… and thought I’d share the inspiration with you.

This look has no pink in it, but I think it would work well for Valentine’s day. It’s girly, there are polkadots galore, and the curly hair (which I might do) tops it off as very romantic-looking. Besides, I’ve always been rebellious and gone with non-holiday themed outfits for holidays.

Then again, it’s the first time I’ve had a man on Valentine’s day (or ever…), so I should go all-out and paint myself pink. Right?

This one doesn’t feel very Valentine-y to me, but it IS very floral. And very striped. And very pink. And ultimately girly. Which works.

Suffice it to say… I felt overtly feminine on this day– I even painted my fingernails, which only happens like twice a year!– and it would work very well for Valentine’s day. There’s pink, purple, painted nails, shiny things, fabulous shoes… it’s becoming one of my favorite old outfits.

This dress is a strong possibility for me. Pair it with red tights, some heart earrings, and keep the red lipstick… and I’m sold. I have only ever worn this dress once, which is a very sad thing to say.

And lastly, a dress I’ve never worn on the blog OR in real life, despite having owned it for at least a year. I may be selling this dress, simply because I could never style it to my liking until now, when I finally bought some red tights and also have those maroon shoes that would work marvelously well with the colors in this dress.

I just can’t quite bear to part with it. It’s so delicate and pretty.

So what do you all think? What will you be wearing for Valentine’s day? Do you like the holiday? I personally have always loved Valentine’s day even though I’ve never had someone until now (squee!) to celebrate it with. I mean, seriously… people give me chocolate galore on this day. How could I not love it?

 I will hopefully be posting my Valentine’s day outfit tomorrow… with my Valentine, if I can convince him to do a photoshoot with me (which isn’t hard. He likes doing them), but still… I wish you all a beautiful Valentine’s day full of chocolate and loved ones.

Style Searching.

Somewhere between August and November of 2010, I challenged myself to wear skirts for a week. The reason being that I knew I was girly but nobody else really did, and I hated myself in jeans. Sure, I would wear pretty dresses to church on Sundays or for special occasions, but that was the height of my fashion excursions. So I decided that I’d go a week without jeans, and see if I could survive. If I decided that I wasn’t cut out to wear skirts and dresses all the time, I would go back to jeans. If not, well…

All of you have seen the results of that one little self-challenge. Over the past five months, I’ve been posting (almost) daily outfits, and only three of those have consisted of jeans. I am much more confident in how I look today,  more comfortable wearing skirts than pants, and I no longer think of myself as “heavier” or “difficult to dress.” In fact, most days I’m very glad I have curves.

And while I do feel I’ve grown more comfortable with fashion, I still don’t quite have a grasp on what is really “me.” My fashion sense is still all over the place– I’ve been hippie, bohemian, eclectic, fifties, cowgirl, simplistic, and sort of businesslike just in the past month. And I’m not saying those were bad outfits,  but when you’re looking at the archives of a really stylish person, there’s usually an overall theme. With me, there isn’t. I have never been able to define my style.

[edit: I didn’t say this clearly enough. This isn’t about  me finding a label for my style. It’s about me finding ME in my style, which I haven’t found yet.  I’m getting closer, but I’m not there. And once I find me, my style will have a cohesiveness that it currently lacks. That “theme” I mentioned where stylish people are concerned… it isn’t a certain label, it’s a feel or a look. It could be colors, silhouette, patterns, whatever. There’s just something that pulls everything that person wears together, and makes it them.]

The only outfit I feel really hits how I would always love to look like is this one. It’s colorful, whimsical, clean, unique, feminine, simple, and absolutely perfect. Contrary to what many of my multi-pattern outfits might say, I tend to love simplicity in an outfit better. While I will never feel complete without colors and patterns, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or accessories. My outfits are usually pretty basic: skirt/dress, belt, cardigan, shoes… maybe a ring, and that’s it. And even though I love mixing patterns and colors… I like there to be an overall cleanness to what I’m wearing, so that everything flows.

This is another good example of how I like my style. There are two patterns in that outfit, but one definitely dominates the other, and overall, it’s simple. I don’t have a million colors on, it’s not overwhelmingly patterned, there isn’t anything going on with my hair. (I have noticed that I tend to like outfits wherein I had to do the least to my hair and my face.)

And again, my birthday outfit is one of my favorites. There is more pattern and color (and I’m wearing more jewelry than normal), but it’s still an easy outfit. Dress, cardigan, heels, belt, done. On a normal day, I would have foregone the cupcake necklace, but y’know. It was my birthday. 😉

One big thing I’ve noticed about my archives is that there isn’t a good solid color scheme. As with my style, my colors are everywhere. Since I’ve been sick, I broke my “no fashion blogs/chictopia” rules, and I’ve noticed that most of the fashion bloggers I really admire tend to stick to three main colors (excluding neutrals.) Me? Yeah. Not so much. If you look at my closet, there isn’t a single color that stands out. Not even black or white.

So I went through the past two months, and then just the last month, and I counted the times  I wore each color. It came out like this:

All of this to say… for the next month or so, I am going to pare down my closet to blue, green, and orange (the top three most-worn colors of mine that aren’t neutrals) and take away ALL the other colors… and just wear those three. With neutrals, of course. It shouldn’t be too drastic, as most of my skirts and dresses are white, black,  blue, or brown(otherwise known as khaki…), and almost all of my favorite tops(aka cardigans) are blue, green, or orange.

It’ll be an interesting experiment. I don’t know if it will help me focus on what my style is, or if it will just teach me to remix clothes better.

The one last thing that helps with style and creating an overall theme is hair and makeup. If you read fashion blogs, you may have noticed that the most put-together bloggers tend to have the same hair and same basic makeup day after day. It works for them, so they stick to it. Me being me, I love to play around with hair and makeup, and I’ve never settled on one good look.

So that’s something else I’ll be experimenting with, especially while I’m waiting for my hair to get longer. I’ll probably end up settling with the blogger’s bun, as they call it– it’s easy, looks good, and isn’t too perfect. Makeup wise… well… it’s interesting doing makeup with glasses– shading that looks just fine without glasses looks really heavy and overdone WITH glasses. So my old makeup routine is out the door.

But I’ve always liked the look of more natural eyes with bright lips, so that might be my new go-to. I’ve always loved lipsticks. I’ve just never been brave enough to wear them, because I used to think my lips were too small to be highlighted.

I feel like this post is going from interesting and informative to rambling. Sorry. I’m still sick. I think I’ll end this with what I WOULD have worn today, had I been feeling better.

Mom bought me this shirt last night, and I had to try it on with my favorite skirt.

I love it. A lot.

I like the little details.

And I think that would be my go-to daily makeup. No eye makeup (not even mascara), foundation, blush, and lipstick. I don’t know why, but I just like the way it looks.

This is my face today– I had to try out my new foundation, as it’s a shade darker than the norm (sunshine! How I love it!) and I needed to be sure that the store lighting wasn’t doing tricks on my eyes. It’s a tad bit darker than my natural skin tone (except for my forehead, where it matches exactly) but it works just fine so long as I remember to blend it well. And knowing me, I’ll get darker because the sun has been out a lot. Which means I’m outside a lot. 😀

Okay. Enough rambling. I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday! I’m going to stay in bed all day and get well. And possibly write. I’m feeling creative today. As creative as a sick person can be, anyway…