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    Sweet Valentine | Outfit

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Growing up, my parents gave all of us kids Valentines+chocolate, my cousins and I always had a Valentine’s tea party (which we do to this day!), and my brothers and I always exchanged Valentines. So I never really hated the day, even through the years of being single (and being one of the last single friends); to me, Valentine’s day has always been about showing everyone you care about that you love them. I am naturally a romantic, so of course I always wished I had a special someone, but to be honest, I’ve always looked forward more to the chocolate than anything else on Valentine’s day.…

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    Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Retro

    My husband bought me this dress last year for Valentine’s Day, and I was so thrilled with it… but disappointed because this particular dress runs larger, and the medium didn’t fit me, which meant we had to return it and wait for the smaller size. So I didn’t get to wear it for Valentine’s day. And since then, I was only able to wear it twice before I got pregnant. So I am really excited that it fits again, and it might be the winner for what I’m actually going to wear out on our dinner date tomorrow! I mean… it’s just such a perfect dress! Twirly, gingham, heart pockets,…

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    Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Bombshell

    This look is one of the two I’m considering for Valentine’s Day– the husband and I are going to go out for dinner (without Baby Owl, oh my!) and I’m torn between this dress, which is just total modern bombshell, or the dress Mr. Owl gave me for Valentine’s Day last year that I didn’t get to wear for Valentine’s Day because apparently it ran big and a medium was way too big on me. You’ll see it next. But I couldn’t do a series of Valentine’s Day looks without going full-on red, hearts, and romance. It’s just impossible for me to skip a completely romantic look. I will probably…

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    Dress (gift): Modcloth Tights: Kohl’s Heels: Thrifted Mr Owl’s brother got married last Friday, and this dress came JUST in time to wear. My husband bought it for me (along with some awesome sunglasses) for Valentine’s day, but for some reason their sizing runs way large so we had to send away for a smaller size. I love it, though. I want to wear this dress all day every day forever. It’s twirly, it’s retro, it’s got heart pockets, and it’s just perfect. Also, my husband is dashing and I love him. *swoon* Happy Wednesday!   follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram/Ink361