May Day

I am writing this post from outside. I mean. I cannot believe the weather this week! It’s been absolutely gorgeous, and very summery even though I feel like we just started spring! And can you believe it’s May already? I feel like this year is just flying by; I think having a baby really makes… Read More May Day

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Snow White

It’s Halloween! I hope you are all having a good day. For me, well… no candy, no treats, no nothing! I’ve been really lax about how I’ve been eating the last few days, and it’s coming back to get me! I’ve had these terrible incessant burps because my stomach is all off balance from dairy… Read More Snow White

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Body Image

Well, hello there! I apologize for the lack of a Monday and Tuesday post; as I mentioned in my Friday Links post, we went camping last weekend and thus there were no outfit pictures for Monday, and then Monday was Mr. Owl and my 7-month anniversary, so we didn’t take any pictures on that day,… Read More Body Image


Broken Skeptics

So… hmm. Yeah. I really don’t have much to say today. I have a headache and I’m a bit tired from working all week, moving, unpacking, cleaning, running errands, etc… so… uhm… ¬†yes. I wore this with a grandma sweater. No, really. It’s a sweater that belonged to my grandma. And it is the most… Read More Broken Skeptics