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Flowers and mustard

There are so many exciting things coming up right now, it’s hard to know what to start with! I’m almost full-term with pregnancy, it’s almost Christmas, I’m almost done with Dressember, it’s almost time for vacation with my in-laws… I can’t believe all of the things happening. We’ll start with Dressember: I forgot to do… Read More Flowers and mustard

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Dressember 2013

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this post from Cut and Chic vintage, and it sparked my interest. I have been thinking about more ways to utilize blogging in positive ways, so I did a little more research about it. The campaign she posted about is called Dressember, and… Read More Dressember 2013

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If ever there was a piece of clothing that embodied joy for me, it would be this skirt. I mean, it’s vintage, it’s twirly, it’s got a quirky but classic print (dandelion fluff?), it’s that irrisistable soft material I love, it’s pleated… I can’t get enough! Joanna from Cut and Chic Vintage sent it to… Read More Joy



Since the time change means it’s dark by the time I see Mr. Owl, I decided today to take pictures into my own hands. Because I have these new shoes and this new dress that aren’t even really new any more that I haven’t even worn on the blog. Getting engaged really messes with taking… Read More Without