Baby and Parenthood

Six Months

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Dear Asa Reuben,

Today, you are six months old! How did you get so big so fast? I still remember when you were an itsy bitsy baby, all curled up and old-man looking, and now look at you. It seems like just yesterday, you looked like this:

But now you’re huge.

Watermarked 8Asa Boo 2Watermarked 10And so, so full of personality! Little boy, you love to talk and I hope that never changes! Every morning, you wake me up with a cheerful “ba, ba, ba, ba” like a faithful little squishy alarm clock, and when you see me, you kick your feet, wave your arms, and give me the biggest open-mouthed grin I have ever seen.

Your cheeriness in the morning more than makes up for your crankiness when I put you down for afternoon naps.Watermarked 9 Watermarked 11

You have recently discovered your feet, and love to try to get your toes into your mouth. Most of the time, your  chub gets in the way. But occasionally you prevail!

You are a little water baby, and LOVE  baths. I’m pretty sure as soon as we have hot weather and a nice warm pool, you will love swimming, too. I’ve usually got water up my arms when we’re done with your three-inch baths, because boy do you know how to splash it high!

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Any time I set you down, the above is pretty much your standard thing.  You’re silly. The other day, while I was changing your diaper, you were tickling your own belly and giggling. And boy, let me tell you, you are ticklish anywhere you are chubby. Which is pretty much your whole body.

Even your BUTT is ticklish. (The things I discover while diaper-changing.)

Your chub gets you admiration everywhere we go, and people always adore you for your big grins and friendliness. Occasionally, strangers think you’re a girl because your eyes are so pretty. But that’s okay. You’ll grow out of it soon. Watermarked 15 Asa Boo 3

I sure do love you! I’m excited for you to get bigger and start talking, because I can guarantee you it will be hilarious, knowing the conversations your daddy and I have.

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Onesie, Target | Blanket, self-made

I never ever imagined I would have a baby this cute.

Happy half-birthday, Asa Boo!