A Call for July Sponsors

I’ve been accepting sponsors for two months now, but I kept forgetting to do an actual sponsor call post until far after the first of the month. Mostly because I am forgetful and not used to having sponsors. But this time, thanks to being caught up on bloglovin’, I’m actually calling sponsors before the month starts!

So! If you would like to sponsor Eccentric Owl, you can check out my sponsor page and get  back to me, or email me at marabird[at]eccentricowl.com.  I am accepting most any type of sponsor whether you be a blog or a shop or… well, I don’t know what else there is… but y’know. I will willingly accept free stuff, should you want me to style it for you. 😉 All of my outfit posts are also posted to Chictopia, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

I should say that I don’t accept lingerie-based sponsors since I’ve had two lingerie companies contact me already. I’d love to buy the products, but I would rather not redirect my readers to a page filled with lots of exposed skin.

Other than that, have at it! And get your ad soon, because sometime in the next few months I will be upping my rates just a bit.

Happy Tuesday!

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