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Guest Post: Marlen, Messages on a Napkin

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SWEATER- Zara’s (similar here and here)| DRESS- c/o New Old Fashion (similar here and here)| BELT- thrifted| BOOTS- Macy’s (similar: here)| SOCKS- H&M men’s

Hi all, Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here! So while Kristina is away cooing over her new baby boy, I’m going to fill in and talk about lumpy, oblong sweaters! Stick with me here.

So about once every four months I have these rampant binges in my closet where I close my eyes and tear through the innocent hangers with a vengeance. I usually get the sense that I’m turning into a hoarder-in-training (an entry level one, if you will) when I open my closet, so these type of cut-throat cleanses are totally necessary. And I don’t take any prisoners in the process either. If I haven’t worn it in the past two months and don’t see myself styling it in the near future, out the window it goes. Which leads me to this knit sweater.

It’s the type of sweater that is so huge and so cozy that it turns kind of…oblong. And it’s so excessive that it’s actually kind of hard to style in a none Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-bag-lady-years kind of way. So I usually just reach for it when I get cold in my sweatpants and wear it inside the house to get toasty.  Because, real talk, when I’m watching soap operas on the couch I don’t really mind that one side of the hem is longer than the other. Which is why a month ago I almost tossed it away and admitted defeat that it wasn’t such a good purchase. But for whatever reason I decided to give it just one last shot and root for the underdog- I mean, who knows, it could be just the perfect thing layered over a dress.

And ya guys, it is! When I received this gorgeous, plaid New Old Fashion Vintage dress my  mind instantly went to this sweater. The green and blues in the dress made me want to go all dark, and the sweater was the perfect thing to lighten things up a bit. Thank God I wasn’t too hasty 😉


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