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Well, I have finally updated my Etsy shop with a few more goods! I’ve been so bad lately about keeping up with posting new things every week, as was my goal, but today I had a really great vintage-hunting run that reminded me to update with more listings. And these are all things that I would keep if they fit. Seriously. That Peter-Pan collar dress is like… so cute, and stretchy, and just adorable in every way, and I wish it fit me. Same goes for the blue floral blouse, and that red skirt! Also, the green dress? Gorgeous. 100% silk. It feels so rich and luxurious I could die.

So, if you’re feeling like doing a bit of vintage hunting yourself, pop over to Owl and the Boy! There might be something there for you!

I’ll be doing my best in the next few weeks to actually post everything in the three overflowing bins of vintage I have to sell… because it all needs to go to a good home, and it’s all so fantastic. And my husband won’t let me add any more to my closet until I get rid of a few things.

Happy Tuesday!


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