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Authentic 1930’s makeup tutorial

How to: Authentic 1930's Makeup |

I am SO excited to share this tutorial with all of you! First of all, because I finally decided to start filming with the nice camera and not my laptop, which means more work in editing and setting up, but way nicer sound and quality (obviously.) Secondly, because I have done the 1920’s, and meant to make this a series of tutorials but of course it took me over a year to do the next one. And third, because I  love doing really makeup replica looks, and am never impressed by the tutorials I find online for certain eras. So here I present to you, an authentic 1930’s makeup tutorial!

I wanted to share the three main images I based this look on. When I start researching for makeup looks, instead of just Googling “1930’s makeup look” I prefer to look at actresses who were prominent at the time, and makeup ads. I’ve discovered Vintage Ad Browser, which is really fantastic because you can see makeup and hygiene ads anywhere from 1800-2000, and you know they’re actual representations of the ideal for that time.How to: Authentic 1930's Makeup | A lot of times, though, I find the images I base my looks on from a simple Google image search. These three (source for bottom two, source for top) seemed to represent the 30’s best overall as I went through to find inspiration. I hugely based this look on the top one, but with some additions from the lower two (cheeks, lip shape, brow shape).

When I decided to start an era-to-era tutorial series, I was a little bit afraid that the 20’s and 30’s wouldn’t be very different. Usually when I am tutorial-hopping for those two eras, the makeup looks are really similar and to my eye… a lot of times there is no difference.

But as I did more research through vintage ads and 30’s starlets, I started to notice that there are differences most people skip over, and pretty big ones at that.

In the 30’s, the brow shape started to change (which I think I mention in the video) from being long and narrow on both ends but fuller towards the arch to being a more natural narrow on the outer end and fuller towards the nose.While they’re still high, long, and thin, the arch becomes a tiny bit more of an angle instead of a curve, and those really subtle changes really alter the look overall.

How To: Authentic 1930's Makeup |

Lips also began to morph from tiny and pursed to wider and fuller, in a shape that most people would associate with the 1940’s. The cupid’s bow moved out, and now instead of under-drawing my lip shape to make it narrower, I had to overdraw my top lip to make it fuller.

And lastly, the eyes became lighter and simpler. Instead of dark, smoky colors, there were more golden and pink tones, and sometimes little to no shadow at all. So to recreate a really authentic 1930’s makeup look, keep all of those little changes in mind! The overall shape of lips and brows can really impact how your finished face will look.How to: Authentic 1930's Makeup |

And that’s that! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial; I had a lot of fun making it, despite it taking about two hours with filming and setup and all of that great stuff (plus, editing afterwards, man…) and I also made a blooper reel for this video, because as evidenced by this screenshot:


I am not a serious person. And I totally meant to edit all of those moments from the video but somehow I missed this one. Oops! Bonus, I guess. Haha!

Have a fantastic Monday!


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