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    Skincare during pregnancy, general routine, and a few tips

    I’ve been meaning to do a skincare post for a while, but somehow just never got around to it until now! I am no stranger to having skin issues, as you can see! The left is me with makeup on two years ago, edited to make the breakout seem better than it was. The right is me a few weeks ago (I look the same now, I promise) with no makeup on and no editing done. And I’m pretty sure I had also just woken up, ha! Suffice it to say, though, my skin has drastically improved in the last few years. First off, I have had a few people…

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    Beauty Mint: An update.

    I thought I’d do a follow-up post on the skincare I’ve been using: Beauty Mint. A little rundown, for those of you that don’t know what Beauty Mint is or didn’t read my last post about it: Beauty Mint is a subscription brand of skincare where you take a little quiz about your skin (age, problem areas, lifestyle, etc.) and are given a personalized set of four or five products to use. They come once a month, unless you choose to skip a month (as I have done, since I had enough product to last me for longer), and are either $40 or $50 monthly, depending on which program you…