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    The Whole 30: What to read, how to cook, and what to keep in your kitchen.

    I did a little diet update yesterday, but the lovely Eliza commented that she’d love to know more about how I even know what to cook and what to keep in my kitchen, so I thought I’d do a more in-depth review of all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned so far. This is going to be a long and detailed post, so get yourself some (healthy) snacks, grab a cup of tea, and maybe whip out a pen and notepad to write anything down that is helpful to you. And feel free to comment with questions! First off, we’ll start with what to read. The first book, It…

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    Pretty Food

    I cooked Moroccan food today. Chicken Soup with Couscous. It was amazing. Grated tomatoes (ha!), fresh mint, (!!! from our back yard!), a cinnamon stick, parsley, cilantro, paprika, chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper. FRESH MINT!!! I looove it. The spices again. They were pretty. I couldn’t help it. Spices and the cookbook at a wonky angle. It was much prettier before I added all the spices. The… er… spices again. What? They were pretty. Oh, and look, there’s couscous! Adding the first round of spices. So mine wasn’t quite as pretty as the picture in the cookbook. Because I didn’t add the second two cups of water like I was…

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