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    Change of Life

    Most people who hear that I’ve quit eating sugar and am planning to change out my white flours for whole wheat flour say “Oh, you’re dieting?” or “I need to go on a diet again…” But changing the way I eat isn’t just a diet. It’s not some fad that I plan to go on to lose weight and then go off when I’ve gotten to the weight I’ve set as my goal. It’s not drinking Slim-fast for two meals a day or having Special K food products for every meal I eat. It’s not having salad and nothing else. It’s not something like my fad-diet Aunt would do- cease…

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  • Life

    Young Love

    On my mom’s side, my great-grandmother got married to my great-grandfather when she was seventeen. My grandma married my grandpa when she was eighteen, and my mom was the same age when she married my dad. So, as the only girl, being the huge romantic dreamer that I am, I always thought I would get married young. Somewhere around eighteen or nineteen. I always thought “Well, three generations before me have gotten married around that age, it’s gotta happen to me!” Right? Or not. And my great-grandma was on my grandpa’s side anyway, so technically… not the right generation line. Anyway. When eighteen came and went without a hint of…

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    Because I Will Never Be A Thief

    So most people know that if they ever want to set fire to something, I am not the person they should call on for help, because I suck at starting things on fire. Seriously. I can’t even get a cigarette lighter lit. Nor can I set fire to a fire-starter log, which is made out of extremely flammable material. So everyone pretty much knows that. But if you ever want to rob a house, yeah… don’t call me to help you, because I will find the one thing to knock over, and it will make the loudest noise you could possibly make in the middle of the night. Oh, and…