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    Christmas, according to Instagram

    Since I have no internet at my house, this blog might be an instagram-only blog for a while, unless I manage to take my breaking laptop to my parents’ house or his parents’ house… or Starbucks… but hey, instagram pictures are better than none at all, right? We got our very first Christmas tree, which made me intensely happy, and decorated it solely with ornaments given to me at wedding showers. I love it. And with the branches I snipped off of the bottom of the tree, I made a sad little wreath that, from any other angle, looks very sparse. But I love it anyway. It’s my Charlie Brown…

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    You wish you lived at my house.

    ┬áBecause I made pumpkin pie. With real (not canned) pumpkin. And fresh whipped cream. Oh yeah. I know. I’m awesome. Unless you don’t like pumpkin pie, that is. In which case, you can just have the whipped cream. Unless you’re lactose intolerant. In which case… um… I have granola bars? In other news, it’s my day off. Which means I will most likely not get dressed. I haven’t done that in a while. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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