Fashion on a Sunday

Details: Pants($4.99), Shirt($3.99) and Camisole($0.99), thrifted; Shoes(somewhere around $5), and Earrings($6), Target; Belt, inherited.
Approximate outfit cost: $20.97

Sunday’s outfit is probably not what you might expect of me, seeing as… I’m wearing pants. 😀  I did wear a dress to church. But I’m going to a graduation party, and I figured I had better get some wear out of these before they get too big. I’m losing weight again. I blame work.

I really love this belt. It was my grandpa’s– he passed away when I was 16, and just recently my grandma was getting rid of some of his things. She sent over his belts for my dad, and I snagged this one. My uncle made it. It’s beautiful. So like I mentioned, I’ve lost a little weight (I think around four pounds) and I  just have to say… I don’t remember the last time I had collarbones that apparent. I just hope that if I continue to lose weight, I won’t get too bony. I’m not a fan of being really bony.

Also, I just realized I only uploaded three outfits this week (well, I only took pictures of three. The other ones were boring. Work.), so there aren’t many to vote on. I’m tempted to include the superhero costume. Hehe.

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!