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    Victorian Plum Pudding Recipe from 1885

    Today we are making Christmas Plum Pudding from The Everyday Cookbook by Miss E Neil (circa 1885). This Victorian recipe calls for all the normal things… and also bird food? HI friends! Now I have to make it clear thatI k now suet is still used as a regular ingredient in puddings in the UK, but here in the US it’s very uncommon to be used in cooking and is mostly seen in bird seed cakes! So what do you think: would you make this? Would you eat this? It feels very similar to a very, very large fruitcake. Find the recipe below. Christmas Plum Pudding (The Everyday Cookbook by…

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    Getting Dressed in The 1950s

      Have you ever wanted to nail authentic makeup and outfits from the 1950s? Well, now you can! Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a quick little Get Ready With Me, featuring a makeup tutorial from the Westmore Beauty Book of 1956, as well as how to get dressed according to Eleanor King’s Glamourise Yourself from the 1950s. If you all want to see longer videos on either of these let me know, there is a wealth of information on how to get dressed, exercise, teach yourself posture, self care, cutting your hair (!!!), getting dressed for your body type, and SO much more. What do you think of the makeup…

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    Sewing a Plus Size 1940s Dress and Baking a Wartime Recipe

    In the latest video I had so much fun sewing this beautiful 1940s Advance 4585 dress from all thrifted materials. The pattern itself is made for a 40” bust and a 43” hip but I upsized the skirt to fit me. The bodice, surprisingly, had lots of room and I didn’t need to upsize it for my chest or waist. For the recipe, I made Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries from the 1940s book “America’s Cookbook” with a Wartime Supplement. I wanted to find a recipe that was easy and true to the decade and this did not disappoint! Overall I’m so pleased with the pattern, recipe, and video! Happy November,…

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    Wishing for Fall in Collectif’s Apple Print

    I took these photos before it got cooler, just a short few weeks ago. Our fields have turned to gold and brown as the weather becomes more and more dry, and it gives off the perfect feeling of autumn. I bought this collectif Apple print dress quite a while ago, but this is the first time I’m wearing it! It’s the perfect autumnal dress, especially for me. We have so many apple trees and I cannot wait to pick them and make all sorts of yummy autumn goodness. Apple pies, apple butter, applesauce, apple cider, even apple cider vinegar – the list is endless! Turnovers and apple pancakes and apple…

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    Life’s short, wear fun clothes || Joanie Clothing

    This Joanie Clothing rainbow dress came to me in a roundabout way. I am part of a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook, and commented on it a second too late after someone else had claimed it in a clothing sale thread. Luckily that person happened to be a friend of mine. When it didn’t work out for her she reached out to me and I was able to purchase it from her. And oh BOY am I so happy it worked out! I’ve never bought from Joanie Clothing before but for this first-time wear, I have to say I am in love! Currently I’m browsing their website and drooling over all…

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