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Beauty Mint: An update.

I thought I’d do a follow-up post on the skincare I’ve been using: Beauty Mint.

A little rundown, for those of you that don’t know what Beauty Mint is or didn’t read my last post about it: Beauty Mint is a subscription brand of skincare where you take a little quiz about your skin (age, problem areas, lifestyle, etc.) and are given a personalized set of four or five products to use. They come once a month, unless you choose to skip a month (as I have done, since I had enough product to last me for longer), and are either $40 or $50 monthly, depending on which program you choose.

To me, $50 a month sounded a little pricey, but the results are absolutely worth the money. And you all know me and my tendencies to not want to spend lots of money.

I have been using my Beauty Mint skincare set for three months now, and the love I had for it in the first month has only grown. Now, I didn’t have terrible skin to start out with, but it was flawed enough that I was not comfortable walking around in public without foundation. As a reminder, here are month one and month two pictures:

This was the very first day I used Beauty Mint, just after washing. Not horrible, but I definitely had blemishes, especially on and around my cheeks. That’s always been my biggest skin-insecurity, my cheeks. And the lighting in this picture wasn’t great, so it was actually a little worse in real life.

This one was taken about three weeks later. And by then, I was pretty darn happy with the results.

I was trying to find a picture of what my skin used to be like on a daily basis– which was much worse than the first picture– but as I used to have terrible skin, I didn’t take many pictures of myself makeup-less. The best I could find was this, from last July:

You guys, that’s in full makeup. My cheeks were rarely without breakouts like that one (and looked a lot worse sans the makeup). I tried a  heck of a lot of products, including Aveeno, Mary Kay, Burt’s Bees, and Lush, and nothing really worked. Aveeno came close– it got me to the first month of Beauty Mint picture, which isn’t bad– but while it sort of subdued my breakouts, it didn’t get rid of the other problem I’ve always had: really dry and flaky skin.

I was always a bit confused by my skin, because I had bad breakouts but I knew I wasn’t oily, due to the rough flakiness that didn’t go away even after zealous scrubbing with various exfoliants and washrags.  I used to wash my face vigorously, scrub it to death, over-moisturize, and apply foundation with very, very touchy fingers because if I rubbed it on my skin would start to peel away and get that weird crumbly flaky look.

But after three months (with results actually starting after about a week) of using Beauty Mint, my skin is happy, moisturized, smooth, and I no longer have to worry about how I apply my foundation because I can rub it on as recklessly as I want, and I get no flakes.

More than that, Beauty Mint is sort of a miracle worker. About two weeks ago, I hadn’t been washing my makeup off regularly, I’d been eating particularly terribly (Chinese food. Always gives breakouts) and had a breakout on my forehead that was as bad as my cheek in the above picture. But after a week of washing my face, the zits were completely gone.

That never happened. Not even with regular washing did my old breakouts go away in a week… if ever. It used to be that “good” skin to me was simply a more subdued breakout, maybe just splotches instead of bumps, but I’ve never had the clear skin I have now.

All in all… I love Beauty Mint. It’s worth the $50 (or $40– there are either four or five items, your choice) a month for skin as good as this.

The above picture is me about 15 minutes after I’d woken up, completely makeup-less, and unedited.  And incredibly pleased with my skin. The red marks that I thought I’d always have on my cheeks from old blemishes are almost completely gone. I’ve noticed my skin is much, much smoother, clearer, and almost translucent… and all of that redness that I thought was just my skin– redness I figured I’d just have to live with forever– is gone!

Bottom line, I love Beauty Mint and I will probably use it for life.

The End.

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