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Guest Post: Into the Woods


Hi there! I’m Alexandra, vintage personal style and DIY blogger from Into the Woods. I am super excited to be guest posting here on Eccentric Owl today! Kristina’s blog is truly so beautiful, as is her heart, and I am so excited, as many of us are, to soon see Baby Owl! 

Today I am sharing a super easy and quick DIY project that would be adorable for entertaining, or just adding a little whimsy to your morning cup of tea!




-5×7 photographs

-White card stock

-Glue stick

-Tea bags


1. Cut out a small rectangle of card stock. The size can be varied depending on your preference. 2. Cut a small square from a photograph. 3. Glue the back of the photograph and paste it to the card stock rectangle, close to the top so that a larger white space is below the picture. 4. Glue the tea bag tag to the back of the mini “polaroid.”


All done! Easy as pie, and one of a kind! I hope this gives you some good ideas. A special thank you to Kristina for having me!