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    Adventures in Nerdy Skirt Making: a sort-of DIY Marvel A-Line Skirt

    So a little while ago, I made my husband a superhero blanket (which you can sort of see in these posts of Asa), and while I was at Joann’s I noticed they had several really awesome fabrics with Marvel or DC superheroes, Star Trek, or Star Wars printed all over them. (And also, Dr. Seuss.) I was sad at the time because they weren’t flannel, so I couldn’t use them for the blanket I made. But then I had a great idea: why not make nerdy clothes? So here we are. Originally I meant to have this be a DIY post, but um… I ran into a few slight problems,…

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    Guest Post: Into the Woods

    Hi there! I’m Alexandra, vintage personal style and DIY blogger from Into the Woods. I am super excited to be guest posting here on Eccentric Owl today! Kristina’s blog is truly so beautiful, as is her heart, and I am so excited, as many of us are, to soon see Baby Owl!  Today I am sharing a super easy and quick DIY project that would be adorable for entertaining, or just adding a little whimsy to your morning cup of tea! Supplies: -Scissors -5×7 photographs -White card stock -Glue stick -Tea bags 1. Cut out a small rectangle of card stock. The size can be varied depending on your preference. 2.…

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    DIY Flower Crown

    Hello lovelies! Today I’m guest posting over at Becca’s blog with a DIY post on how to make this gorgeous flower crown, which you probably recognize from last week. It’s really, really fun to make, super inexpensive, and only takes about 15 minutes to put together. So hop over if you want to make one for yourself! Happy Tuesday! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

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    DIY Chalkboard

    You guys! I’ve finally done a DIY. And the only reason I actually did this is that it was REALLY easy, and also my husband did most of it. But seriously, you can make yourself a super unique and adorable chalkboard with just a few simple items (thrift stores and Walmart, yo!) for really cheap… in five steps. What you need: an old picture frame with the glass in it (doesn’t matter what kind of picture it is. It can even be a mirror!), rough steel wool or sandpaper, newspaper, painter’s tape, chalkboard paint, and chalk. I got all of this for under $20, and I have the resources now…

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    Recipe: Hummus with Pine Nuts and Basil

    I’ve been thinking for a while that I would love to expand my blog to include more things. Fashion will doubtless always be in the forefront, but I also want to share life in general: recipes, DIY projects, restaurants to visit, places to go, wishlists… etc. So what better way to jump in than with a recipe for the most amazing hummus I’ve ever had? (*ahem* might be tooting my own horn a little bit. Haha!) This recipe was adapted from a basic hummus recipe I found on the internet forever ago, and tweaked to my own personal tastes, with stuff thrown in because it sounded good. So! Here we…