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Vera-22c1The other day I realized that I have not taken any photos for nearly a month. I had been in the habit of taking some me-time and shooting photos every week or weekend, but somehow in March I found myself occupied. Perhaps between getting shingles and having sick kids, or the rain that seemed to always come on the weekends, or working on my new project for YouTube, or the annoyance of having lost my remote shutter release, I don’t know. Somehow, nearly a full month passed without any photography at all. But then I took my best friend’s maternity photos right here on this bridge, and was inspired to get out myself and shoot something.

Spring has been slowly creeping up on us in the PNW, but with it comes rain and soggy ground, which means taking photos anywhere will likely come with mud or mist. With the changing of the season has come a change in my sartorial cravings, from the warm fall and winter plaids I couldn’t get enough of a few months ago to now, where I reach for florals and spring colors as I will the days warmer. It has gotten to the point that I no longer want to see plaids in my closet, and this year may¬† be the first that I actually store seasonal clothing away to free up space and make dressing easier!Vera-28Dress, Vintage Saldi (similar) | jewelry set, vintage (similar) | beret, Amazon | shoes, Amazon | cardigan, Amazon | Belt, Amazon

Spring cleaning has really been on my mind lately, not only in my own wardrobe but in my kids’ room as well. This year we’ve decided to get them bunk beds and graduate them both from toddler beds to big-kid beds. I’m SO excited. Asa and Evie have no idea that we’re getting them the beds. It’s something we’ve chatted about with them before, and they both have asked when we’re getting bunk beds, so we decided to purchase a bunk bed and mattresses with some of our tax return. And since we’re introducing a large piece of furniture into their small bedroom, I am now brainstorming how to best store their clothes and toys. We live in a home that is only 880 square feet, so storage space is cramped, and utilizing every part of our space is a must!

Do you do spring cleaning, of your wardrobe or home? What’s your ultimate goal as spring rolls in?

Dress, Vintage Saldi (similar) | jewelry set, vintage (similar) | beret, Amazon | shoes, Amazon | cardigan, Amazon | Belt, Amazon

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