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    Shaped by Style: Psychedelic 60’s

    “I think many people today misunderstand love to mean total and complete acceptance no matter what, and forget that sometimes love — even unconditional love — means acknowledging and improving (or helping to improve) flaws. The more you love someone, the more you are willing to be the first person who steps out and says “hey, I think you need some help in this area” if they’re doing something wrong. And that goes for my body too, in a different kind of body-positive light.” I’m over on Shaped by Style today, sharing a little bit about what I think true body-positivity is. Hop over to read the rest! Bloglovin|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press|Etsy|Photography

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    Maternity Style: Floral dress with a cutout back

    I have been working hard on my Etsy shop these days, and one of the things that I really miss about listing things on Etsy is styling the garments. Most of my Etsy finds are pretty average sizes, with the exception of the haul sent to me by a kind woman who wanted someone to get some use or money out of her things, so I’m usually able to style them for a photo or two. But being pregnant hinders that. I have been listing things like crazy, and there are so many garments I wish I could style not only because they would look SO much better on a…

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    His&Hers: Vintage plaid and modern sparkles

    When my husband finished getting dressed today, one of the first things he said to me after noting that it might be our last chance to get dressed up pre-baby was “don’t you want to blog about me?” I had to laugh. Because when he walked out in these vintage plaid pants and the vintage suit jacket/vest that I bought him (that jacket and vest? I found them, together, for ONE DOLLAR. Fifty cents a piece, you guys. I can’t even.) the first thing I thought was “he should just start his own mens fashion blog.” Or maybe I should start one for him. I’ve never desired for my blog…

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    Maternity Style: All the Pretty Little Horses

    There are some items of clothing in my wardrobe that seem to magically work no matter what stage my body is going through. When I’m not pregnant, when I am just a few weeks in, or when I’m only 17 days away from my due date… it doesn’t matter. This dress always does right by me and I’m not surprised that it’s being snapped up by my fellow Shaped By Style blogging gals! Emily styled it with lots of other colors which I LOVED, and now it’s on its way to Hannah and I cannot wait to see how she pulls it off! I have spent half the day trying…

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    Maternity Style: How to Mix Patterns (like a boss)

    Every once in a while when I am thrifting, I come across garments or patterns that really bring me back to a place of nostalgia. Whether it’s a jacket that I totally remember wearing in the snow (oh, the bright puffy 80’s-ness!) or turtlenecks that take me back to my really nerdy multicolored Harry-Potter-esque glasses days (although I didn’t know about HP at the time), I love sorting through racks of clothes and being reminded of those years. Most of the time, those things make me laugh. But here and there I come across a piece that is nostalgic in the best way. This dress is one of them. It…