An old lullaby I wrote; I finally recorded it because I was forgetting how the piano went. Forgive the sound (hear the birds in the background?). 😉

P.S. Lyrics


  • Bethanything

    This is beautiful. I like the birds! I think they add a sweet little effect to it. 🙂 Like a dream aura. You have a lovely voice! Wow, this is good. *listens again*

    • Mara

      Thank you. 🙂 They just sort of pipe up whenever I start playing the piano. It’s cute. I’m glad you like it! Someday I’d love to professionally record this with a few more instruments… but that would require me to teach someone the notes I want them to play… so much effort. 😀

        • Mara

          Haha! The first thing I thought of was Enchanted. Oh gosh. 😀 “Giselle!!!”


          I have so many songs I need to record…but some of them require guitar playing which… I don’t do. So I’d either have to write out the music, or teach my brother to play it by ear. Or learn the guitar myself… But y’know. Someday it’ll happen. I’m just too lazy right now. 😀

          • Bethanything

            Hahaha! 😀 Nice.

            I’m currently figuring out what sorts of music I can sing without hating the sound of my own voice. 😛 I think I’ve narrowed it down to Disney music and certain (none too operatic) musicals. The Little Mermaid is a good range for my voice. Also, I discovered I can sing like a 12 year old boy quite convincingly. It’s weird… and kind of awesome.