I have been wanting to buy some vintage hats for ages, and it was just my luck that today- while Christmas shopping in a vintage/thrift/antique store (Don’t know what else to call it, really)- I found a plethora of vintage hats for five dollars. Now, they might not actually be vintage, but I don’t really mind. They were extremely well priced, they’re in good condition, and they look vintage.

I’ll have better pictures of them later with actual outfits, but I had to share the two I decided on. (I wanted to buy all of them.)

This one, I’m wearing tomorrow to work’s Christmas party. It’ll  be my first foray into the world of wearing hats, and I feel braver wearing somewhat quirky things around the people at work because they know me well. 🙂

This one… well, first I have to get a hat-pin or find other means of securing it, as it doesn’t like to stay on my head unless I keep my chin tilted. As you can see, it was already starting to slide when I snapped the picture.

And it’s also a much more daunting hat to wear than the other.  It’s much bolder. And it reminds me of Mary Poppins. We’ll see how long it takes me to brave wearing it in public.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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