I ramble too much. I haven’t finished that book yet.


Yeah. I still haven’t quite figured out how to keep subjects in my head when I vlog. I actually did have quite a few ideas of what I was going to share with you… and then somewhere between setting up and turning on the camera, I forgot. I should probably write these things down.

Oh well.

If y’all are interested in a certain aspect of my life, or if you have questions about me that you want answered, it would help a whole lot in my vlogging that you ask them. You can remain anonymous by asking on my formspring -and please indicate that you want the question answered in a vlog-, or you can ask me in a comment. And I’ll answer in the next vlog. It’s just a thought.

Unless you like hearing me ramble about nothing. 😉

Tomorrow, I promise, will be that really late book review. I’m planning to finish reading it tonight, and I only have about 1/3 of the book left. Not much.

I hope you’ll forgive my rambling, and that that vlog was pretty much not about anything at all. 😉


Outfit: (also, EXCITEMENT!)

I am so, so excited. I weighed myself today and found out that I’ve lost 3.3 pounds in the last six days. This means that I’ve only got 20.7 pounds to lose by my birthday instead of 25 pounds… and that I’ve finally broken past the plateau of 160lbs. I’m so happy!

So if I want to reach 135lbs by my birthday, I only have to lose 1.5 (plus.. a miniscule amount) pounds a week. Which should be quite easy, seeing as I basically can’t eat anything bad for me as it is- I’m allergic to sugar, so that pretty much takes out anything I’d normally snack on. No chips. No chocolate. No coffee from Starbucks.

I’m really hoping that my body will obey me and lose 2-3 pounds a week. Because then I’d be done way before my birthday.

At any rate, I’m super excited. I haven’t been 155lbs in forever. (Two years. I guess that’s not really forever.) It’s given me hope that it WILL happen, and I  AM able to lose weight, and I’m not going to be just okay with my body, but that I’ll be happy with my body.