A few things I want

I haven’t finished the book I was going to review today, as… I’m not in a reading mood right now. That schedule I made up for the blog? Yeah… I may not follow it. I still want to post about all those things, but I’m feeling more and more like I should mix it up and post whatever I feel like posting that day.  And only resort to the schedule when I don’t feel like posting anything.

So to make up for not actually having finished the book today to review it, I’m going to do a fashion post. Because I’ve suddenly become really interested in fashion.

Would you believe that growing up, I always had the smallest amount of clothing and shoes in my family? There’s just something wrong with that. Brothers shouldn’t have more clothes. Sadly, it’s still true. But I’m trying to rectify that.

So one of the people I stalk on Formspring asked everyone “what are the four words that describe your style/taste?” and I answered “I never wear pants.” (Which is so very true.) But then I was thinking about it, and I’d probably be romantic, girly, quirky, and… vintage? That last one… I dunno. Maybe Goodwill would be a good word for my style, since half my wardrobe is from that store. Anyway. These are a few things that I really, really love.

(Clarification: I’d also put panels under the lace. No see-through stuff, thanksverymuch.)

I really wish I could see the front of that dress.

Seriously. I love her style.

Okay. That’s the end of her.

Sets from Polyvore (made by me) that I covet:For the Birds

A Rainy Day

(Oh em gee, pants! The thing isn’t that I would never wear jeans, I just don’t think they flatter my body. Maybe once I’ve lost some weight and/or gotten fit, I’ll buy a pair of jeans again. Until then, though, I’ll stick with dresses and skirts. And heels. Lots of heels.)

Caught in the Rain

And I really like this wallpaper. I want it to be cloth. That is made into a dress. For me.

And I could have taken a picture of my outfit today, but I’m too lazy. So instead, here’s a picture of how very, very green my eyeshadow makes my eyes.

I looooove it. 😀


P.S. I’ll try to get that book done and reviewed by Thursday.