Weekend Links

Friday Links (and also, it’s my birthday)

Mr. Owl took these pictures. Of an owl. That I really, really wanted. And I shared it via my twitter feed and one of my older posts, but seeing as how I haven’t stolen Mr. Owl’s camera recently nor have we been very good lately at taking dress pictures… this is what you get. 😉

Today is my birthday! I’m 24 today, and for some reason 24 feels very… important. I don’t feel older, really, but somehow this birthday feels like the precedent to great things. The blog is growing up, I have Mr. Owl, I have a “grown up” job, and this year just feels like it will be a fantastic one.

I have to work, but after work my mom is cooking me a lovely dinner, and then my parents are taking me out to dessert with Mr. Owl, his parents, my  nieces, and one of his nephews. And my brother. And my grandma.

It’s gonna be a party.

Now, enough rambling and on to the links!


  • Baby Owls. I need one. It’s my birthday. Can I have one?
  • Also, these owl-shaped pouches are cute. And remind me of zombies. Or Frankenstein’s Monster. I don’t know why.
  • Tomorrow, to celebrate my birthday, Mr. Owl and I are going to wander Seattle. And I really want to go to this place for lunch. Can you guess why?
Weekend Art:
  • I cannot imagine how long these wire sculptures must have taken to complete!
Weekend Pretties:
  • Kate, in her polka dots, florals, and pink. So lovely!
  • And again, Kate, this time with citrus colors. (Kate has been so inspirational to me lately! I love her style.)
  • Veronika’s fluttery shirt and red skirt. Gorgeous! I really need a red skirt.

Weekend Laugh:

Weekend News: 

  • This isn’t a link, but a little bit of news: for the past week and a half or so, I’ve been working on something very exciting: my very own self-hosted blog! Come Monday, you will all be redirected to the brand-new site, where I have been tweaking everything to perfection (or close). You won’t have to worry about re-subscribing; I’ve figured out how to transfer you all with (hopefully) no hassle.
  • If you don’t know what the difference between my blog now and a self-hosted site, it basically means that I pay for my own domain name as well as the ability to do anything I want with my blog design, ads, and who knows what else. Right now, I blog for free through wordpress, and I can’t edit the CSS or the layout. All I can do is make my own header and sidebar buttons. As well, with a free wordpress blog, I am not allowed to run my sponsors’ ads.
  • But now that I’m running my own site, I can do whatever I want. It’s exciting!

That’s it for today! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!