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Moss; tiny barnacles. 

Weekend Cuteness:

Weekend Weirdness:

Weekend Giggles:

Weekend Food:

  • Not really a recipe, but I totally want to make a Killer Whale cucumber.
  • I want to make pretty cupcakes like this. (You should just browse Sweetapolita’s entire website. SO pretty. So tempting. I need to bake more.)

Weekend Pretties:

Weekend Fact: 

Weekend Wishlist:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I will. Tomorrow is Mr. Owl and my six-month anniversary. We’re going to explore Fort Flagler (and anything else that looks fun on the way there), and then he’s going to take me out to dinner, and I have a fancy dress and sparkly jewelry, and I can’t wait! I love eating food, I love spending time with Mr. Owl (obviously), and I love dressing up, so when there’s an opportunity to do all three, you know it’s going to be the best thing ever.

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  • Demy

    Hi! First of all, I love these pictures! 

    Then, the bunny and the cat are cute, but seriously? Walruses? ahahaha, they look so…disgusting? :PWow… Mrs. Doubtfire looks SO scary, which is pretty weird since…well…it is a comedy!!! Whatever, I wouldn’t watch it if it was a thriller, because I’m such a chicken! 😛
    Oh…she run into the door ahhaha! I have done this too! I was 6 I think, and I run into a glass door. My nose hurt for a week ahaha, but at least I didn’t break it 😛
    Cupcakes <3 They're so delicious! My mum made the rainbow ones yesterday! Apparently, they don't exist any more 😛
    Awww <3 I hope you'll have an awesome time tomorrow!!! Hope you'll take pics as well. I wish you the happiest anniversary, you guys are more than amazing <3 😀