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1. Boots, orange tights, and one of my favorite dresses (from Sarah With a Bow) = fall attire! It’s getting cold enough here that I can’t go without tights any more.
2. This belt makes me feel like Wonder Woman.
3. Favorite tights, favorite new shoes (My first Modcloth Purchase. LOVE.)
4. I made Milk Tarts for the first time under the teaching of a wonderful friend. They were lovely.
5.The most delicious little platter of food EVER. Smoked salmon, roast beef, dill beans, pickles, salad, dill dip, horseradish dip, and delicious sweet bread. Yum!
6. Cookies that Mr. Owl made. SO good.
7, 8: I love Mr. Owl’s socks. I convinced him to buy the mustache ones, and then I got him dinosaur ones. And also sharks.
9. I found it highly appropriate that on the day we went ot get our marriage license, we found an edition of the LOTR trilogy + The Hobbit we did not have. For a dollar. This means when we get married, we will collectively own five different editions of The Lord of the Rings books. My mother doesn’t understand.

1. It was SO rainy the other day, and so lovely!
2. My dad wrote “You R Loved” on my frosty window this morning.
3. Cake toppers! They’re actually owl ornaments. I’m gonna put a bow tie on one, and a tulle veil on the other.
4. The most delicious brownie ever. Also, the most handsome MAN ever. Oh, my heart.
5. My second purchase from Modcloth: a lace dress for the rehearsal dinner and the holidays. So pretty!
6. Kitty loooves skritches.
7. I love this face.
8. The most adorable salt and pepper shakers EVER.
9. Some wild hair.

And lastly, this isn’t an Instagram picture… but I love it:

Some of my good friends got married a few weekends ago, and at their wedding they had The Snap Bar so that everyone could take some fun photobooth pictures.

Mr. Owl and I did not match on purpose.

How has your week been?

Happy weekend!



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