Baby and Parenthood

A month of Asa, according to Instagram

1 c

First moments as a mama | Snuggling with his polar bear blanket at a few days old | Showing the world the meaning of “milk drunk | Displaying his usual face of skepticism | Being cute and sleepy | Cuddles | Squishy cheeks! (Could you resist? I think no.) | His reaction when I asked “should we get up now?” | Baby creases!


The first smile I caught on camera. It melts me. Seriously.


Itty bitty perfect fingers.
2 c Snug and swaddled! | Asleep in my favorite footie pajamas. I’m sad he doesn’t fit those any more! | Being generally perfect and asleep. | Going crosseyed. | First mama-baby outfit selfie! | Totally and completely out of it.  | Being cute in his alligator onesie | Showing his disapproval of the pants-hat daddy put on him | Being skeptical of his new shirt.


Meeting his great-grandma for the first time at two days old.


Hanging out with his uncle! (The last of my brothers who is single, ladies, so… you know. I can be a matchmaker.)


Asleep with daddy.

3 c

More skeptic face! This is basically his standard expression. | Batbaby! | Sleeping Batbaby | Hanging out with his cousin, who is ten months old | Being generally cute while sleeping | All of his fuzzy friends!


His first bath (about two weeks ago; these pictures aren’t necessarily in order.)32

And today, in honor of his one-month birthday, he is dressed like a cupcake. Of course. What else?

I still have copious amounts of pictures to share of Asa, so now that I’ve fallen into more of a routine with him, you can expect more baby posts! I can’t believe it’s been a month already. So far, motherhood suits me. I have definitely had a few breakdowns, especially in week two when we hadn’t figured out the differences in his cries, but overall he’s a very calm, content, happy baby.

I am so blessed! And obviously, I think he’s the cutest baby there ever was. But, you know, I’m his mama so I have to think that.

I hope you have all had a good week! Happy Friday!!!


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