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Pretty in Pink: Makeup Look


Thank goodness I had time to whip this up yesterday; last night around midnight I started throwing up with the flu. Ugh. So while I’m resting and feeling better, you can try a pretty new makeup look!

When I was typing the name of this tutorial into my computer files, I accidentally typed “Pretty in Oink.” But of course, this is not a Miss Piggy makeup look — although now that I think of it, that sounds kind of fun! — this is merely… a very pink makeup tutorial, for those of you who love ultra-girly looks! I wanted to coordinate the look with these gorgeous hair clips from House to Home by J & S, one of which will soon be in a giveaway!

Plus, I’ve been wanting to do a super soft, pretty look for a while. This look is especially great for green or hazel eyes like mine; it’ll really emphasize the color! So here we go!


Begin with your regular foundation and a light application of blush. I use Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory and Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Pink Frosting


With a shimmery neutral (one or two shades lighter than your skin-tone) shadow, highlight beneath your brow bone, and the inside corners of your eyes. I’m using colors from the makeup palette Mr. Owl got me (here), but here’s a similar shadow color.


Taking a pinkish-plum shadow, cover your lid to slightly above your crease, and out in a vee shape from the corner of your eye. (the darkest one in the lilac palette is a similar color) Grab a dark pink shadow, and press onto the outer third of your eyelid, and beneath the outer third of your lower lashes. I used the dark pink in the party purple palette.


With a shimmery light pink shadow, highlight the inner third of your eyelid (I used the light pink in the party purple palette). Then, with an orangey shadow, press into the middle of your eyelid, and below the inner half of your lower lashes. (the orange in the coral oasis palette is similar)


Take a deep plum shadow just along the outer edge of your lashes and up into your crease. (I used plum). Blend shadows well.


If your shadow has a lot of fallout, like mine did, you’ll need to do a bit of cleanup: brush away the excess shadow with a nice fluffy brush (moving upwards seems to get it off cleaner), and then touch up your foundation lightly.

Using a dark brown mascara, apply a light coat. It helps to wipe your mascara wand on a piece of tissue before applying for a softer, lighter look. (I swear, this mascara is the best ever.)

17 17-18

For a nice gradiated effect, grab a light pink (fuchsia fever) and a medium pink (fuchsia fusion) lipstick. (similar ones linked!) Apply the lighter color first, and then add the darker color only on the outer corners of your lips. With your finger, lightly press and blend the two colors until there are no defining lines between them.

And you’re done!

This is a pretty easy look to achieve, and I love how feminine and soft it is!

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I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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