A quick technical note to email subscribers

SorryWhen I initially switched over to hosting my own site from, I only did a quick import of posts that had been categorized as “fashion”, which only got me so far back as 2011. I started the blog in 2009, but back then they weren’t ALL fashion posts, and once I did get really into fashion posts, I still didn’t categorize them all as “fashion.” So there are a lot of old outfits that never made it to the new blog.

So today, I’ve decided to go through and update all of my old archives– meaning, comb through and publicize some very, very old outfit posts. Which means that if you’ve subscribed via email, you’ll be getting possibly a million notifications of new posts over the next few days, and for that I’m very sorry. I’m not really sure how to get these posts not to email out, especially since they’re just very old posts that I’m un-privatizing.

So, I apologize in advance for some spam-like messages… unless you’re really interested in my extremely old posts, in which case… you’re welcome?

Bear with me!

Update: I figured it out. No more spammy emails for you, yay!

Happy Tuesday!

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  • dani

    Don’t you just love encountering technical difficulties in the blogosphere? I always feel SO proud of myself if (and it’s a big IF) I manage to solve it myself. Well done solving your email conundrum!!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ugh, I hate these technical things! I’m SO glad I figured out how to make them not send out as new posts, because otherwise there would have been a sudden flood of post spam emails and I would feel so bad! Haha! But I really wanted to have better archives — I’m still not publishing ALL of my old posts, because some of them just aren’t relevant any more, but there will soon be lots of old things to dig through for anyone who wants to.