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I am kind of a sporadic and all-over-the-place blog reader. I follow a ton of blogs on Bloglovin’ whose styles range from hippie to vintage to modern, but when I actually find time to sit and read my feed, I have about 500+ posts to rifle through, and… mama doesn’t have time for that. So recently, I’ve been taking time to visit all those blogs I followed and evaluate whether they still hold my interest — a lot of them, I followed because of one outfit or post I loved — or whether they need to be cut. And I thought I’d share a few of the blogs I’ve been following and why you might want to, too!

Marie McGrath, The Joy of Fashion

Floral Palazzo Pants from Forever21

Marie’s blog is very, very aptly named, because this girl definitely embodies the joy in fashion. There is not a post on her blog that won’t make you smile, for real. She has the sort of preppy-classic with a quirk style that appeals to me even if my personal style is vastly different, and I just love her. I’ve been following her blog for years now (sorry I don’t comment more, Marie!) and I’ve from the start I’ve loved not only her wonderful, colorful wardrobe, but also the eternal happiness she seems to spread!

Skye Makaris, My Kingdom for a Hat


Skye is another blogger I have been following (and loving) for ages. We share a mutual adoration for all things vintage and twirly, and she is probably one of the most fascinating women I’ve ever come across. Personally, our beliefs are vastly different, yet we’ve been able to discuss our differences cordially and actually with a lot of fun and thoughtfulness involved, and I respect her greatly! I think if we met in real life we’d be instant friends. I know we would be, actually, because we kind of already are. I adore Skye for her really, really amazing retro/vintage wardrobe, and also for the incredible intelligence she possesses.

Katie Kosaya, Lublyou


Katie is a new read for me, but one I instantly fell for. Her blog is more lifestyle than fashion, and to be honest I don’t normally go for lifestyle blogs. But there’s something so homey and down-to-earth in reading about Katie’s life in New York, plus she has fantastic pictures and recipes, and I can tell I will be following her blog for life! Also, she has a recipe for sauerkraut pancakes that I really, really want to try.

Heather Gwinn, The Arbitrary Fox

I found Heather’s blog through Modcloth’s community photos, I think, and was drawn in by her pretty, pretty outfits (those heart tights, seriously). And then I started reading her blog posts, and was even more drawn in by how lovely and easy to read she is. She often shares pictures of her adventures, her husband, and her two beautiful daughters, and I feel as though I’ve known her for ages just by the way she writes openly and lovingly about her life.

Marlen Komar, Messages on a Napkin


Okay, if you don’t know about Marlen by now, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under, because this girl… I tell ya. I feel like I can say “I knew her before she was famous!” sometimes; I have been stalking her (I was a lurk-reader) on the internet for quite a long time, and I knew she was going to go big when I started reading. Marlen has that quality about her that just makes you like her, no matter what. Coupled with her quirky-weird style and her beautiful gift for prose, her likeability is magnified. Plus, I met her in real life, and she is every bit as entertaining (and way funnier) in person as she is on her blog. Also, she wrote a book. And, she knows how to layer like nobody’s business. Girl is dynamite.

Mariah Alysz, Rya Pie

Rya has possibly the best lipstick in the game. Always. I found her (or she found me) through my Washington Bloggers page, and I’m so glad that happened! Hers is one of those blogs I never tire of; I actually love having a backlog of her posts to read,  because her style just never gets boring. Whimsical, colorful, and pretty, and she is one of the sweetest bloggers around to boot! And, since she lives in Washington, I know for a fact that one of these days we will meet in real life, which makes reading her blog that much sweeter.

Kara, The Dressed Aesthetic


I found Kara on Instagram through someone else’s feed, and at the time she didn’t have a blog. Which, I fervently hoped she would start one, and to my delight a few weeks later she did! What can I say about Kara? She has an amazing closet full of dresses, shoes, and skirts; she is a scientist, and she co-created an app to keep track of everything in your closet that I really really need to download. And the reason she started a blog? I’ll just quote: “I think I started this blog to give a voice to all of the similarly-minded fashionable nerds out there. To acknowledge that we can be pretty AND smart and, honestly, anything else we want to be.” Like I said. Instant love.

Annika, The Pineneedle Collective

I don’t remember how I began reading Annika’s blog; most likely it was through another blogger’s blog-love list. All I know is, she wears a lot of thrifted, homemade, or overhauled clothes, she makes awesome “make, buy, or thrift?” videos, she posts really cool science facts, she writes wonderful body-positive and all-around thought-provoking posts, and she’s just all around really awesome. Also, colorful hair!

Hannah Rupp, The Outfit Repeater


I was first drawn to Hannah because she is pretty hilarious (and also, just pretty). And then because she’s another one of those people whose lipstick game is on-point. And then because, obviously, we share a love for thrifting and proving that “thrifted” does not mean “frumpy”. She is also a great example of dealing with crippling bodily issues (digestive things, woohoo!) in a positive way, conquering and showing us that just because you have to deal with sucky health does not mean you give up.

(P.S. I just read that today is her birthday! Happy Birthday, Hannah!)

And last but not least, Crissy, The Dainty Fawn

vintage collar floral dress

Crissy is another very new read for me, and I’m sad to say I haven’t been reading long enough to know her well! (A week, at most?) But I have to admit, I very nearly gasped when I got to her outfit posts. Because… that hair. Those eyes. The lipstick. AND THE DRESS. I’m sorry for using the abominable all-caps, but I can’t help myself. Crissy is just gorgeous, and super sweet in her posts and comments. I can’t wait to keep reading her blog and get to know her more through her posting.


I know I have probably missed people I love, so can we just blame that on Pregnant Brain?

As you can see, the overall theme here is thrifting, lipstick, colorful hair, and really dang smart women. I admire every one of these bloggers because not only do they know how to wear their clothes well, but they also excel at being thoughtful, fascinating, kind, and truly brilliant people. Which goes to prove, just because you like to look pretty doesn’t mean you have to be dumb.

And now that I have adequately armed you with blogs, go forth into your weekend and read a few!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers, and why?

Happy Friday!


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  • annikavictoria

    ♥♥♥ You are the absolute best/sweetest/nicest ahhhh. Thank you for always leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog, by the way. I rarely get to reply but I always, always, ALWAYS appreciate them! 😀

    • Eccentric Owl

      Of course! I understand not always getting to reply (it takes a lot of time!); I only just started sort of having time to respond to my own comments, myself! I absolutely adore your blog, and I have from the moment I stumbled across you. Your posts always make my day or make me think (or both!), and I LOVE that.

  • ebhendrian

    Discovering new blogs is so much fun – thanks for the suggestions! I’m especially excited to start reading Kara’s blog – I love her style and reason for writing already. 🙂

  • skye

    Thank you SO much, lady! I’m all warm and fuzzy now. You’re too kind. Rest assured that whatever you said about me, I think the same of you. 🙂 Especially on the “polite disagreement” front. It’s something that’s so important to me – I would never want all my friends to be exactly like me!

    I’m psyched you read Pineneedle Collective, and I just had the same breathless reaction to Dainty Fawn. I’d never heard of her before, and now I have to go browse everything she’s ever posted.


  • Crissy

    I’m excited to add these blogs to my list! I have been wanting some new reads for awhile 😀 Thank you for including me on it.. you are the sweetest!! <3

  • Lublyou

    Awwww thank you so much, Kristina!! What a nice surprise to come home to! I also love your blog and when I found it I instantly felt like we could be great real-life friends and have a lot to talk about if we ever actually met!
    Now I need to go check out all of your suggestions 🙂

  • Hannah Rupp

    What an epic round up! I don’t even know how I got included with this awesome group of gals but thank you so much! (And, of course, thank you for the birthday shout out)

  • lisa

    I’m in a place where I have way to many to read and feeling overwhelmed! I also want to find some new ones to shake it up so thanks for the list!

  • Mariah Alysz

    Ah, ok so I know you posted this *ages* ago because I saw on Instagram and I am just terrible at catching up with my posts on Bloglovin’, but thank you so much! I feel so honored to be paired up with all these awesome and inspiring ladies!
    And I completely agree, we will definitely meet since we live in the same state! That’s just how Washington works!
    All my love!
    <3 Mariah Alysz