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Afternoon cuteness

Afternoon cuteness | Afternoon cuteness | Afternoon cuteness | Afternoon cuteness | Afternoon cuteness |

Yesterday and today have been unusually warm (around 70-75 yesterday, and 65ish today), so I’ve been trying to take advantage and get both of us outside. Yesterday I made the mistake of walking to the beach, which was fine on the way there, but on the way back there is one very, very long hill up to our house (I’m talking, like 1/2 a mile of a hill, which is a lot when you’re 18 weeks pregnant, have to pee, it’s 75 degrees out, and you’re pushing a stroller with a 25lb toddler in it). I also made the mistake of telling my parents I was good to walk back up and they could go off to the store. And my husband wasn’t home yet. Halfway up the hill, I sorely regretted that decision.

So today I elected to play in our yard instead, in spite of the slightly damp grass and the slugs that love our moss and dandelions. Asa learned to climb this little toy all by himself, and he was very proud. I’m looking forward to the summer, when we will go camping and swimming and have days full of running and long nights of sleep. If he learns to walk by then, anyway. This kid, I tell ya. 14 months old and while he stands perfectly by himself, walking…  not so much. Then again, I didn’t learn to walk until I was 16 months old, so we’ll see. So long as he beats me!

I hope your week has gone well! Happy Friday!


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